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ebrady commented Mar 22, 2013

With basic ST3 or with ST3 w/Vintage (or ST2) if I cursor down one line at a time.... when I hit the bottom of the screen it just brings the next one line up and leaves the cursor at the bottom of the screen. If I enable Vintageous it seems to turn on a jump-scroll feature when I'm in command mode. ie: hit and use 'j' (or arrow key) to move down to bottom of screen... when hit bottom I expect to scroll one line down, leaving cursor at bottom but instead it "jump scross" 1/2 screen up and places the cursor in the middle of the screen (on the right line, with new lines shown below ... but I'm not a fan of the jump-scroll feature). Aside, if I go to insert mode and use the down arrow key and hit the bottom of the screen then it doesn't jump-scroll, it scrolls as I would expect.

VIM doesn't do this so I guess my suggestion is that this not be the default (or perhaps just that one should be able to disable/enable it as needed). It may already be configurable (?) but I don't see any Vintageous package settings to adjust.

Anyhow, appreciate the work, thanks for your time.

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guillermooo commented Mar 22, 2013

It's a known issue, but there was no ticket in the issue tracker until now. Thanks for reporting.

Vim has a setting for this so it probably makes sense to have it be configurable in Vintageous. In Vim, you can specify how much to always keep between the edge of the screen and the cursor (5 lines for example, which is really nice).

ebrady commented Apr 1, 2013

That's moving better, especially going down. A couple of things though:
a) Moving the cursor up is a little rough... it shifts all lines down by one with one button press, then moves
the cursor up by one on the next, then repeats. In Vintage mode on ST2 it is smooth (similar to moving
the cursor down is fairly smooth with these changes).

b) The alignment seems off, with this I'll often have an extra space below the cursor line at the bottom
of the screen... where as in ST2 with Vintage the bottom line with the cursor on it is always the last
line visible on the screen. The same with moving up... the cursor can go to a line that is only 1/2
visible on the screen when it shifts up a line... whereas with Vintage in ST2 the line is always 100%
aligned with the top of the screen and fully visible

Not sure if these are difficulties with how ST3 works or if this just needs a bit more iterating. Regardless, it's closer now, to be sure. Thanks for the work,


@guillermooo guillermooo reopened this Apr 1, 2013


guillermooo commented Apr 1, 2013

It definely needs some more work, it's quite a mess in two situations:

  • moving up
  • moving down when the whole buffer fits in a single screen(ful)

It actually feels pretty decent to me, though it could be a little more smooth (especially on the up-scroll). This is likely good enough for V1 right?

ebrady commented Apr 2, 2013

It actually feels pretty decent to me, though it could be a little more smooth (especially on the up-scroll). This is likely good enough for V1 right?

I'm glad it was re-opened (thanks Guillermo) and look forward to additional refinements... but no great hurry of course. As always, appreciate the work... it's definitely coming along. Seeing how ST2 works, in this respect, gives a clear target for the desired behavior.


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