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On my machine (Sublime Text 3, macOS 10.12.3) `^+A` goes the beginning of the line (Column 1) but `⌘+Left` goes to the first non-whitespace character on the line (e.g. column three if the line starts with two spaces).

Sublime Text Unofficial Documentation

We started this project to fill the gaps in the Sublime Text official documentation.

Read this guide online for free.

You can follow our progress here and on our public Trello board.

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This repository includes a .sublime-project with predefined settings and a build system that builds the HTML docs using Sphinx.

Building (HTML Preview)

In order to build and preview the docs, you'll need Sphinx, which in turn requires Python 2.7. Python 3+ will not work.

pip install sphinx

By default, the docs' preview will display a standard Sphinx theme, but you can install and use ReadTheDocs' theme if you prefer that:

pip install sphinx_rtd_theme

If this theme is available, the build system will pick it up.

After the build is finished, you can open build/html/index.html in your browser to see the guide.