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App to scrap the web, for people without coding skills. Fully integrates WebCrawlers (Headless Chrome) and the interface to deal with it.
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Arachnida : simple web interface to pilot crawlers (Under Construction)

Scrape the web easily -> no need to be a coding expert. Arachnida is providing a simple web interface to pilot powerful crawlers (running Headless Chrome)

Install (2 seconds)

open a terminal, and run:

git clone arachnida  && cd arachnida  && meteor

Finished !

Use (1 minunte)

Now open google chrome (or any browser) and follow this link: http://localhost:3000

You will be able to add a crawler, configure it, and run it in seconds !

1. Create a crawler on the main page:

First give it a name, and leave the function empty (except if you know what you're doing) screenshot

2. Configure your crawler:

This is the only moment when a bit of coding knowledge is helpful. In the main part, you need to write a JavaScript function that will be executed on every page scraped by the crawler.

For instance, to extract the title of each page, write:

return {             
  title: $('title').text(),

Yes, jquery is already set up. You simply need to provide the selectors (id, class...)


View the results:


What's included

  • See screenshot of your running crawler
  • Manually add URL to be scraped, or upload a CSV
  • Sign in / Sign up
  • Account management: Profile Page, Username, Change password, Delete account...
  • Admin for the webmaster: go to /admin
  • Router
  • MongoDB as database


I am looking for people to make pull requests to improve Arachnida. Please do it :)

  1. Setup live queue of url to be scraped (ex: at the moment, you can't click straight on a link and scrape it)
  2. Live Log from the server brought to the interface to help debuging
  3. Results export functionality (CSV & Json)


Boilerplate: yogiben.
HeadlessChrome layer: yujiosaka

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