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Dot Files for Unix Systems

For a long time, I have maintained these Dot Files so I can interoperate with different Unix Systems and I can get a somewhat consistent environment. This also contains a lot of Scripts and Binaries. So, if you are looking for this repository for anything meaningful, you may not want to.

Basic Structure of local

The local directory is similar in nature to /usr/local but the localization applies within the home directory.

The local structure has Platform-Independant and Platform-Dependant directories in it. The Platform-Dependant has Processor-Independant and Processor-Dependant directories in it.


local/bin              | Scripts that are known to work for all **Unix** Systems
local/darwin/bin       | Scripts that are only known to work in **Darwin/Mac**
local/darwin/x64/bin   | Binaries that only work on **Intel Macs**
local/darwin/arm64/bin | Binaries that only work on **Apple Silicon Macs**

Basic Structure of .bashrc

The bashrc files are shared between ZSH and Bash shells.

They are written to set the appropriate local based PATH variables when run. Not only that, they define Platform-Dependant and Host-Specific files, and optionally Interactive-Mode files as well.


.bashrc-linux                 | Runs on **Linux** Systems
.bashrc-raspberry-pi          | Runs on a host named **raspberry-pi**
.bashrc-raspberry-pi-session  | Runs on a host named **raspberry-pi** on an Interactive Terminal

In addition to that, we use the following files for these purposes:

.bashrc-proper                | Top-Level file that invokes All
.bashrc-aliases               | Shortened Commands and Aliases
.bashrc-applications          | Define BROWSER, EDITOR, PAGER etc.
.bashrc-exports               | Overrides for PATHs
.bashrc-path                  | Detect **Platform** and **Processor**
.bashrc-toolchain             | Sets **Platform** specific Toolchain Properties

History Files

All of the History files I care about are symlinked to /dev/null.

ZSH Specific

I use Oh My ZSH with some customizations and it is part of this repo.

Vim Files

I need to get a better VIM customization. I use that sort of functionality occasionally. I only have basic customization.


I do not use TMUX. I have customized this decently.


  1. Check for any customizations and commit them somewhere else.

  2. git clone or extract this repo into a directory called DotFiles in your home directory. Then run these commands:

echo I am ready to nuke my files     # Stop! This is going to nuke everything ...
rm -fr ~/local/ ~/.oh-my-zsh         # Clean State.
cp -a ~/DotFiles/local ~/local/      # Move the local folder over.
mv ~/DotFiles/.?*? ~/                # Move the Dot Files. Nukes History.
  1. Log out and re-login.

Thank You and Feedback

Reach out to me for any feedback.

Now Enjoy!