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Zip-Case-X File Protector SV

This is the Stable Version of my File Protection programs circa 2002.

Files encrypted in one Operating System are compatible with the others too, but ensure that the file names are initially in the DOS 8.3 format (such as .HTM, .MPG ). The File to be Encoded must be in the current directory. Avoid usage of . and .. or Directory slashes in files, as DOS and Unix / Linux are incompatible in that aspect and we do not attempt to interpret them.

How to Use

Go to the Appropriate Binary Executables Directory. Then Use:

  encom <Name of the File to be Encoded> <Name of the Encoded File, Optional>

to encode your file, and

  decom <Name of the Encoded file>

to restore your original file.


This should not be used for any illegal purposes whatsoever. Use your judgment.


When you use this most current version, files in the previous versions won't Comply. So please retain the Older Version for Decrypting Purposes. Thank You for getting this Product.

Thank You and Feedback

Reach out to me for any feedback.

Now Enjoy!