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Source codes for paper: CNN-Based Chinese NER with Lexicon Rethinking


Python 3.6 Pytorch 0.4.1

Input format:

CoNLL format, with each character and its label splited by a whitespace in a line. The "BMES" tag scheme is prefered.

别 O  
错 O  
过 O  
邻 O  
近 O  
大 B-LOC  
鹏 M-LOC  
湾 E-LOC  
的 O  
湿 O  
地 O  

Pretrain embedding:

The pretrained embeddings(word embedding, char embedding) are the same with Lattice LSTM(

Run the code:

  1. Download the character embeddings and word embeddings and put them in the data folder.
  2. To train/test the demo: sh / sh
  3. To train/test your own data: modify the '' or '' file with your file path, and run the shell file.
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