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POS Tagging for Twitter

TensorFlow implementation of Part-of-Speech Tagging for Twitter with Adversarial Neural Networks.


The code is partially referred to and


  • Python 2.7 or higher

  • Numpy

  • Tensorflow 1.0

  • Gensim

  • In addition, anyone who want to run these codes should download the word embedding and the saved model from The folder 'word2vec' and the files 'adv_model...' should be placed at 'TPANN/.'.


1.Reproducing the results of paper:

$ python --choice 0

which outputs dev_results.txt, test_results.txt and the accuracy of the model. Note that the model at the begnning might take a while reloading the parameters.

adv_model.ckpt contains the parameters of the model, which is to be used in the test time.

2.retraining the model

Then, run

$ python --choice 1

which will save the parameters of the final model and output the wrong labels(dev_text.txt and test_text.txt).

The parameters in this model are:

params meaning default
rnn_size size of LSTM internal state 250
kernels CNN kernel widths [1,2,3,4,5,6]
kernel_features number of features in the CNN kernel [50,50,100,100,200,200]
adv_l meta-parameter λ in gradient reversal layer (GRL) 0.7
char_embed_size dimensionality of character embeddings 25
word_embed_size dimensionality of word embeddings 200
max_word_length maximum word length 35
param_init initialize parameters at 0.05
batch_size number of sequences to train on in parallel 20
max_epochs number of full passes through the training data 100

You can change these values by passing the arguments explicitly. For example:

$ python --choice 1 --rnn_size 300 --adv_l 1 ...


Part-of-Speech Tagging for Twitter with Adversarial Neural Networks