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Supported Linux amd64 tags

depends on dotnet-docker image and aws-sdk-net for .net core

currently base image is microsoft/dotnet:2.0-runtime.


You can run with docker.

Run with IAM Role is recommended.

docker run --rm -v <YOUR_SYNC_DIR>:/app/sync/ -e S3Sync_BucketName=<YOUR_BUCKET_NAME> guitarrapc/s3sync

Local run without IAM Role, use AWS Credentials.

$ docker run --rm -v <YOUR_SYNC_DIR>:/app/sync/ -e S3Sync_BucketName=<YOUR_BUCKET_NAME> -e AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=<YOUR_ACCESS_KEY> -e AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=<YOUR_SECRET> guitarrapc/s3sync

Check guitarrapc/S3Sync for more detail.