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Multi step select list for nested taxonomy as a Views exposedfilter


This is barely a module but more an exemple of a quick fix solution and I welcome anyone to make this better. On my form i had to modify 2 select lists so i left both forms in this exemple This is not a plug'n play solution, you will have to go into the module files to change a few things:

  • in city_select_filter.module:
    • line 12 you exposed filter form id
    • line 16 and 17 the id of the widget (look for the select #id minus "edit-")
    • line 21 and 32 same thing if you have another field to modify else delete that part
    • line 45 put your vocabulary id
  • in city_select_filter.js:
    • 114 and 115 (remember I have 2 fields on my form) change the selector

What does it do ?

So what city_select_filter.module does is unset an exposed filter field (a vocabulary select list) and creating a new set of options. It doesn't matter if your select list shows hierachy or not as i am not using it at all because I manualy select the vocabulary ID. so from a list like Cat 1
-Subcat 11
-Subcat 12
Cat 2
-Subcat 21
--Subcat 211
--Subcat 212
-Subcat 22

####you get

Cat 1
Cat 1 > Subcat 11
Cat 1 > Subcat 12
Cat 2
Cat 2 > Subcat 21
Cat 2 > Subcat 21 > Subcat 211
Cat 2 > Subcat 21 > Subcat 212
Cat 2 > Subcat 22

This new formatting allow us to use a little jquery plugin called jquery-select-hierarch and make the options conditionnal.
All this was inspired by @etcetera9 on this issue here and then has moved on this page