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Ethereum GULD tokens (ERC20)
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Eguld is a port of the GULD token for the Ethereum blockchain. The tokens use an ERC20 standard contract. The contract extends Open Zeppelin BurnableToken.


GULD tokens are redeemable for namespace on the guld blocktree. One of the redemption clauses is to register official Ethereum address(es) for your user or group. ERC20 GULD tokens will compliment this by allowing GULD to circulate on the Ethereum network.


The lifecycle of an ERC20 GULD token is creation -> circulate -> burn -> redeem.

The mizim group will do creation of the first 100,000 tokens within a week of signing the ERC20_GULD_CONTRACT.

After this date, tokens circulate using generic ERC20 transfer functionality, which is supported by every major Ethereum wallet. This makes GULD easy and more fungible, since no hosted wallet is required, and enterprise users like exchanges do not need to implement any special functions.

Before you can redeem ERC20 GULD for native GULD, you must burn the tokens. This permanently removes them from Ethereum circulation, proportionally reducing the ERC20 GULD supply.

The redeem step is done by signing a withdrawal from guld:Assets:EGULD using the Ethereum key of the burn transaction.


All deposits and withdrawals from this contract must occur in blocks of 1,000 GULD.

Governance and key management are currently centralized to the Mizim Foundation. This should be amended within a year of migration to Ethereum mainnet.

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