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Geckos Edit Cards ... kos ... ?

We don't know why Geckos edit cards, but this tool is aimed to create your own template and cards for gaming. Kinda like the Magic Set Editor, but full web.

Where to Start ?

The Why

I'm a player. Roleplaying, boardgames, miniatures. And I've found that having cards to store information is great around the table. The spells of my D&D bard, the profiles of my Pulp City heroes, my Pulp Alley league, ...

I've been using Magic Set Editor to create my cards. But some dead-ends keep coming. So, beginning to play with web development, I started to thought of a way to make my own 'Magic Set Editor', to edit my cards. And here's what I've come to.

The What

Geckos is a web application, built with the javascript technology. No server-side code, so that it's easy to deploy and not related to some server configuration. The goal is to get a web page that anyone can use, loading his own template, and editing his cards. With those templates being shared.

It's free, open-source, and you can get it, modify it, enhance it. Feel free to propose upgrades. Geckos is on github for this reason.

Geckos will not work without those libraries, that I use inside the project :

The How

Since the first Alpha release, Geckos have its own page. You can also download the source code and launch the index.html page to test it locally (works with Firefox, with other browsers, you need to put up a web server).

The wiki will provide guides on how to create a template, to use it to make cards, and how in general Geckos is working. Something is missing ? Feel free to use the Issues to ask for an explanation.

The Who

I'm Nicolas, a French gamer (that can explain some bad english) and developer, I like fun games, not so the heavy ones. I also like sports, craft beer (that software is a BeerWare), comics and many other things.