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Acceptance tests

This is the scoring system for plugins. There may be exceptions in certain edge cases, but this should provide enough feedback to keep people on the right track.


Package Reason Recommended Solution
gulp Creates incompatible plugins Don't do this. Use vinyl for your tests.
colors Extends global prototypes Use chalk
through Old streams Use through2
event-stream Old streams + bloated kitchen sink Use through2 or other streams2 pattern libraries

Handling file.contents

Behavior Recommended Solution
file with null contents not passed through Pass them through immediately
file with null contents was mutated Pass them through immediately - do not modify them
file output contents type different than input Put out the same type you put in
file with streaming contents not handled correctly Emit an error or support it

Static analysis

Behavior Recommended Solution
console.log Use gulp-util .log
require('fs') Plugins should not read/write - gulp handles that
index.js > 100 lines Break it up into multiple modules/files
High code complexity Break it up into multiple modules/files


Behavior Recommended Solution
Tests failing Fix your tests
No tests Write tests
No source link package.json link to github


Plugins will be manually checked and deductions will result from the following items.

  • Can be done with existing node modules (doesn't need to be a plugin)
  • Doing multiple things in a plugin
  • Excess configuration
  • Duplication of functionality already existing in another plugin
  • Aggregating multiple gulpplugins
  • Poorly documented