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gulp changelog


Task system changes

  • replaced 3.x task system (orchestrator) with new task system (bach)
    • removed gulp.reset
    • removed 3 argument syntax for gulp.task
    • gulp.task should only be used when you will call the task with the CLI
    • added gulp.series and gulp.parallel methods for composing tasks. Everything must use these now.
    • added single argument syntax for gulp.task which allows a named function to be used as the name of the task and task function.
    • added gulp.tree method for retrieving the task tree. Pass { deep: true } for an archy compatible node list.
    • added gulp.registry for setting custom registries.

CLI changes

  • split CLI out into a module if you want to save bandwidth/disk space. you can install the gulp CLI using either npm install gulp -g or npm install gulp-cli -g, where gulp-cli is the smaller one (no module code included)
  • add --tasks-json flag to CLI to dump the whole tree out for other tools to consume
  • added --verify flag to check the dependencies in package.json against the plugin blacklist.

vinyl/vinyl-fs changes

  • added gulp.symlink which functions exactly like gulp.dest, but symlinks instead.
  • added dirMode param to gulp.dest and gulp.symlink which allows better control over the mode of the destination folder that is created.
  • globs passed to gulp.src will be evaluated in order, which means this is possible gulp.src(['*.js', '!b*.js', 'bad.js']) (exclude every JS file that starts with a b except bad.js)
  • performance for gulp.src has improved massively
    • gulp.src(['**/*', '!b.js']) will no longer eat CPU since negations happen during walking now
  • added since option to gulp.src which lets you only match files that have been modified since a certain date (for incremental builds)
  • fixed gulp.src not following symlinks
  • added overwrite option to gulp.dest which allows you to enable or disable overwriting of existing files


  • update interpret to 1.0.0 (support for babel-register)
  • fix to include manpages in published tarball
  • documentation/recipe updates


  • add babel support
  • add transpiler fallback support
  • add support for some renamed transpilers: livescript, etc
  • add JSCS
  • update dependencies (liftoff, interpret)
  • documentation tweaks


  • fix node 0.12/iojs problems
  • add node 0.12 and iojs to travis
  • update dependencies (liftoff, v8flags)
  • documentation tweaks


  • add link to spanish docs
  • update dependencies (archy, semver, mocha, etc)
  • documentation tweaks


  • fix local version undefined output
  • add completion for fish shell
  • fix powershell completion line splitting
  • add support for arbitrary node flags (oops, should have been a minor bump)
  • add v8flags dependency
  • update dependencies (liftoff)
  • documentation tweaks


  • update dependencies (minimist, tildify)
  • documentation tweaks


  • handle errors a bit better
  • update dependencies (gulp-util, semver, etc)
  • documentation tweaks


  • remove executable flag from LICENSE
  • update dependencies (chalk, minimist, liftoff, etc)
  • documentation tweaks


  • simplify --silent and --tasks-simple
  • fix bug in autocomplete where errors would come out


  • CLI will use exit code 1 on exit when any task fails during the lifetime of the process


  • Tweak error formatting to work better with PluginErrors and strings


  • add manpage generation


  • the CLI now adds process.env.INIT_CWD which is the original cwd it was launched from


  • update vinyl-fs
    • gulp.src is now a writable passthrough, this means you can use it to add files to your pipeline at any point
    • gulp.dest can now take a function to determine the folder

This is now possible!

    // I don't know, you can do something cool here
    return 'build/whatever';


  • update vinyl-fs to remove BOM from UTF8 files
  • add --tasks-simple flag for plaintext task listings
  • updated autocomplete scripts to be simpler and use new --tasks-simple flag
  • added support for transpilers via liftoff 0.11 and interpret
    • just npm install your compiler (coffee-script for example) and it will work out of the box


  • update deps
  • gulp.dest now support mode option, uses source file mode by default (file.stat.mode)
  • use chalk for colors in bin
  • update gulp.env deprecation msg to be more helpful


  • add -V for version on CLI (unix standard)
  • -v is deprecated, use -V
  • add -T as an alias for --tasks
  • documentation


  • added, tasksArray) sugar
  • remove gulp.taskQueue
  • deprecate
  • deprecate gulp.env
  • add engineStrict to prevent people with node < 0.9 from installing


  • added --tasks that prints out the tree of tasks + deps
  • global cli + local install mismatch is no longer fatal
  • remove tests for fs stuff
  • switch core src, dest, and watch to vinyl-fs
  • internal cleaning


  • --base is now --cwd


  • support for --base CLI arg to change where the search for gulpfile/--requires starts
  • support for --gulpfile CLI arg to point to a gulpfile specifically


  • file.contents streams are no longer paused coming out of src
  • dest now passes files through before they are empty to fix passing to multiple dests


  • Bug fix - we didn't have any CLI tests


  • Update dependencies for bug fixes
  • autocomplete stuff in the completion folder


  • File object is now vinyl
  • .watch() is now glob-watcher
  • Fix CLI -v when no gulpfile found
  • gulp-util updated
  • Logging moved to CLI bin file
    • Will cause double logging if you update global CLI to 3.2 but not local
    • Will cause no logging if you update local to 3.1 but not global CLI
  • Drop support for < 0.9


  • Move isStream and isBuffer to gulp-util


  • Move file class to gulp-util


  • Ability to pass multiple globs and glob negations to glob-stream
  • Breaking change to the way glob-stream works
  • File object is now a class
  • file.shortened changed to file.relative
  • file.cwd added
  • Break out getStats to avoid nesting
  • Major code reorganization


  • Breaking change to the way options are passed to glob-stream
  • Introduce new File object to ease pain of computing shortened names (now a getter)

2.4 - 2.6

  • Moved stuff to gulp-util
  • Quit exposing createGlobStream (just use the glob-stream module)
  • More logging
  • Prettier time durations
  • Tons of documentation changes
  • gulp.trigger(tasks...) as a through stream

1.2-2.4 (11/12/13)

  • src buffer=false fixed for 0.8 and 0.9 (remember to .resume() on these versions before consuming)
  • CLI completely rewritten
    • Colorful logging
    • Uses local version of gulp to run tasks
    • Uses findup to locate gulpfile (so you can run it anywhere in your project)
    • chdir to gulpfile directory before loading it
    • Correct exit codes on errors
  • silent flag added to gulp to disable logging
  • Fixes to task orchestration (3rd party)
  • Better support for globbed directories (thanks @robrich)

1.2 (10/28/13)

  • Can specify buffer=false on src streams to make file.content a stream
  • Can specify read=false on src streams to disable file.content

1.1 (10/21/13)

  • Can specify run callback
  • Can specify task dependencies
  • Tasks can accept callback or return promise
  • gulp.verbose exposes run-time internals

1.0 (9/26/13)

  • Specify dependency versions
  • Updated docs

0.2 (8/6/13)

  • Rename .files() to .src() and .folder() to .dest()

0.1 (7/18/13)

  • Initial Release