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"gulp-angular-templatecache-ionic": "duplicate of gulp-angular-templatecache",
"mmjd-gulp-este": "duplicate of gulp-este",
"gulp-blink": "deprecated. use `blink` instead.",
"gulp-build-branch": "use the `buildbrach` module",
"gulp-clean": "use the `del` module",
"gulp-doggy": "duplicate of gulp-jsdoc",
"gulp-rimraf": "use the `del` module",
"gulp-browserify": "use the browserify module directly",
"gulp-myth-css": "duplicate of gulp-myth",
"gulp-htmin": "duplicate of gulp-htmlmin",
"gulp-filesize": "duplicate of gulp-size",
"gulp-redust": "duplicate of gulp-dust",
"gulp-shell": "promotes anti-patterns, use gulp-exec or child_process",
"gulp-streamline": "no documentation, duplicate of gulp-streamlinejs",
"gulp-compile-js": "combines other plugins",
"gulp-module-system": "does too much, use gulp-wrap-* modules",
"gulp-wrap-define": "duplicate of gulp-wrap-amd",
"gulp-urequire": "no documentation",
"gulp-absolute": "use gulp-filter and node's path module",
"gulp-wintersmith": "use the wintersmith module directly",
"gulp-connect": "use the connect module directly",
"gulp-image-optimization": "duplicate of gulp-imagemin",
"gulp-bower": "use the bower module directly",
"gulp-ember-handlebars": "duplicate of gulp-handlebars & too complex",
"gulp-ember-handlebarz": "duplicate of gulp-handlebars & too complex",
"gulp-es6to5": "duplicate of gulp-6to5",
"gulp-handlebars-michael": "duplicate of gulp-handlebars",
"gulpify": "deprecated - use vinyl-source-stream instead",
"gulp-web-modules": "a grab bag of tasks/plugins - not a plugin itself",
"gulp-jekyll": "use Jekyll directly through gulp-spawn or ChildProcess.spawn()",
"gulp-reduce": "use AssetGraph directly",
"gulp-imageoptim": "should just be a vanilla node module",
"gulp-typescript-compiler": "duplicate of gulp-typescript",
"gulp-ts": "duplicate of gulp-typescript",
"gulp-load": "too magical, use require() or gulp-load-plugins",
"gulp-spawn-mocha": "duplicate of gulp-mocha",
"gulp-swig-precompiler": "duplicate of gulp-swig",
"gulp-usemin": "does too much. touches fs. non-responsive author. use gulp-useref.",
"gulp-usemin2": "duplicate of gulp-usemin",
"gulp-usemin-query": "duplicate of gulp-usemin",
"gulp-play-usemin": "duplicate of gulp-usemin",
"gulp-jade-usemin": "duplicate of gulp-usemin",
"gulp-bundle": "deprecated. use gulp-useref.",
"gulp-npm": "use the npm module directly or gulp-spawn",
"duh": "not a gulp plugin",
"tc-gulp-boilerplate": "not a gulp plugin",
"gulp-blanket-mocha": "use gulp-coverage",
"gulp-js-prettify": "duplicate of gulp-beautify",
"gulp-using": "duplicate of gulp-debug",
"gulp-removelogs": "fragile. use gulp-strip-debug",
"gulp-download": "use the request module",
"gulp-php": "use PHP directly through gulp-spawn or ChildProcess.spawn()",
"gulp-apidoc": "use the apidoc module",
"gulp-wp-rev": "not a gulp plugin",
"gulp-continuous-concat": "duplicate of gulp-concat",
"gulp-dart2js": "use Dart2JS directly through gulp-spawn or ChildProcess.spawn()",
"gulp-spritesmith": "duplicate of gulp.spritesmith",
"gulp-filelog": "duplicate of gulp-debug",
"gulp-remove-lines": "duplicate of gulp-replace",
"gulp-ext-replace": "duplicate of gulp-rename",
"gulp-pancakes": "does nothing",
"gulp-batch-replace": "duplicate of gulp-replace",
"gulp-mversion": "duplicate of gulp-bump",
"gulp-minify-inline-scripts": "duplicate of gulp-uglify-inline",
"gulp-jshint-cached": "duplicate of gulp-jshint",
"gulp-twitter": "not a gulp plugin",
"gulp-print": "duplicate of gulp-debug",
"gulp-css": "duplicate of gulp-minify-css",
"gulp-uncss-task": "duplicate of gulp-uncss",
"gulp-juice": "duplicate of gulp-inline-css",
"gulp-install": "use gulp-spawn",
"gulp-gzip2": "duplicate of gulp-gzip",
"gulp-cssmin": "duplicate of gulp-minify-css",
"gulp-uglify2": "duplicate of gulp-uglify",
"gulp-commonjs": "no (github-)repository available, use gulp-wrap-commonjs",
"gulp-license-finder": "shouldn't be a gulp plugin",
"gulp-common-wrap": "No README, No (github-)repository - use gulp-wrap-commonjs instead",
"gulp-tinypng": "uses fs to create a temp .gulp folder",
"gulp-faster-browserify": "use the watchify module directly:",
"gulp-saxon": "reads from fs and not stream",
"gulp-gitinfo": "not a gulp plugin",
"gulp-gh-pages-ci-compatible": "duplicate of gulp-gh-pages",
"gulp-git-pages": "duplicate of gulp-gh-pages",
"gulp-clean-old": "duplicate of gulp-clean",
"gulp-closure-compiler-old": "duplicate of gulp-closure-compiler",
"gulp-changed-old": "duplicate of gulp-changed",
"gulp-browserify-old": "duplicate of gulp-browserify",
"gulp-streamify-old": "duplicate of gulp-streamify",
"gulp-spawn-shim": "duplicate of gulp-spawn",
"retro-gulp-jade": "duplicate of gulp-jade",
"retro-gulp-styl": "duplicate of gulp-styl",
"vinyl-source-stream2": "duplicate of vinyl-source-stream",
"gulp-csscssfont64": "duplicate of gulp-cssfont64",
"gulp-uglifyjs": "duplicate of gulp-uglify",
"gulp-file-list": "unpublished by author",
"gulp-module-requirejs": "use the require.js module directly",
"gulp-tmpl": "duplicate of gulp-template",
"gulp-chug": "no reason for this to exist, use the require-all module or node's require",
"gulp-marked": "duplicate of gulp-markdown",
"fd-gulp-cssconcat": "duplicate of gulp-concat",
"fd-gulp-cssmin": "duplicate of gulp-minify-css",
"fd-gulp-dependencies": "duplicate of amd-optimize",
"fd-gulp-jsconcat": "duplicate of gulp-concat",
"fd-gulp-jsmin": "duplicate of uglify",
"fd-gulp-less": "duplicate of gulp-less",
"fd-gulp-removebom": "moot. already handled by gulp",
"gulp-bg": "duplicate of gulp-exec",
"gulp-run": "duplicate of gulp-exec",
"gulp-script": "duplicate of gulp-exec",
"wangjiantest": "duplicate of gulp-less",
"gulp-cond": "duplicate of gulp-if",
"gulp-template-handlebars": "unpublished by author",
"gulp-concat-util": "duplicate of gulp-concat, gulp-tap, gulp-header, and gulp-footer",
"gulp-jsbeautify": "duplicate of gulp-beautify",
"gulp-jsbeautifier": "duplicate of gulp-beautify",
"gulp-additem": "duplicate of gulp-add",
"gulp-angular-templatecache-n3utrino": "duplicate of gulp-angular-templatecache",
"gulp-bower-files": "use bower module directly and globs",
"gulp-bower-src": "use bower module directly and globs",
"gulp-concat-sourcemap-bom": "moot as gulp strips bom. duplicate of gulp-concat-sourcemap",
"gulp-concat-vendor": "does too much. use gulp-concat instead.",
"gulp-cson-safe": "duplicate of gulp-cson",
"gulp-dot-precompiler": "duplicate of gulp-dotify",
"gulp-dot": "duplicate of gulp-dotify",
"gulp-file-activity": "duplicate of gulp-size",
"gulp-file-cache": "duplicate of gulp-cache",
"gulp-file-includer": "duplicate of gulp-file-include",
"gulp-freeze": "duplicate of gulp-rev",
"gulp-freeze-resources": "duplicate of gulp-useref",
"gulp-hash-manifest": "duplicate of gulp-rev",
"gulp-hash-src": "duplicate of gulp-useref",
"gulp-hashmap": "duplicate of gulp-rev",
"gulp-hogan-compile": "duplicate of gulp-hogan",
"gulp-iconfont-css": "duplicate of gulp-iconfont",
"gulp-if-else": "duplicate of gulp-if",
"gulp-image": "duplicate of gulp-imagemin",
"gulp-import": "duplicate of gulp-add",
"gulp-intercept": "duplicate of gulp-tap",
"gulp-istanbul-enforcer": "duplicate of gulp-istanbul",
"gulp-less-sourcemap": "duplicate of gulp-less",
"gulp-load-tasks": "duplicate of gulp-load-plugins",
"gulp-load-utils": "duplicate of gulp-util",
"gulp-mocha-co": "duplicate of gulp-mocha",
"gulp-modified": "duplicate of gulp-changed",
"gulp-modify": "duplicate of gulp-tap",
"gulp-mustache-plus": "duplicate of gulp-mustache",
"gulp-notify-growl": "duplicate of gulp-notify",
"gulp-pako": "duplicate of gulp-gzip",
"gulp-phantom": "shouldn't be a gulp plugin. use PhantomJS directly instead.",
"gulp-protector": "doesn't do anything",
"gulp-pipereplace": "duplicate of gulp-replace",
"gulp-rev-hash": "duplicate of gulp-rev-mtime",
"gulp-rm": "duplicate of gulp-rimraf",
"gulp-scsslint": "duplicate of gulp-scss-lint",
"gulp-sloc-simply": "duplicate of gulp-sloc",
"gulp-sprite": "deprecated. use the css-sprite module instead",
"gulp-sprites-preprocessor": "duplicate of gulp-sprite-generator",
"gulp-svgo": "duplicate of gulp-svgmin",
"gulp-swig-jst": "duplicate of gulp-swig-precompile",
"gulp-sym": "duplicate of gulp-symlink",
"gulp-todos": "duplicate of gulp-todo",
"gulp-token-replace": "duplicate of gulp-replace",
"gulp-tslint-log": "duplicate of gulp-tslint",
"gulp-untar2": "duplicate of gulp-untar",
"gulp-vhash": "duplicate of gulp-useref",
"gulp-ng-html2js": "duplicate of gulp-angular-templatecache",
"gulp-templatecache": "duplicate of gulp-angular-templatecache",
"gulp-slack": "not a gulp plugin",
"fd-gulp-chinese2unicode": "inaccessible repo",
"fd-gulp-convert-encoding": "inaccessible repo",
"fd-gulp-encodingfilter": "inaccessible repo",
"fd-gulp-styleversion": "inaccessible repo",
"favicon-generator": "unpublished by author",
"gulp-remove-files": "operates directly on file paths",
"gulp-retina-sprite": "missing documentation",
"gulp-update": "not a gulp plugin",
"gulp-uncache": "works files from outside the stream",
"gulp-execsyncs": "synchronous. use gulp-exec instead",
"gulp-tsc": "operates directly on file paths. does too much.",
"gulp-sketch": "operates directly on file paths. creates a folder outside the stream.",
"gulp-purs": "duplicate of gulp-purescript",
"gulp-through-child": "duplicate of gulp-spawn",
"gulp-spawn-xcodebuild": "just use gulp-spawn",
"dustin": "not a gulp plugin",
"gulp-am-transport": "missing repo link and description",
"fdlintjs": "not a gulp plugin",
"gulp-cache-manifest": "duplicate of gulp-manifest",
"gulp-appcache": "duplicate of gulp-manifest",
"gulp-backtrace": "missing description",
"gulp-html-optimizer": "missing description",
"gulp-html-minifier": "duplicate of gulp-htmlmin",
"gulp-cleanhtml": "duplicated functionality of gulp-htmlmin",
"gulp-component-build": "duplicate of gulp-component",
"gulp-component-builder": "duplicate of gulp-component",
"gulp-component-updater": "not a gulp plugin",
"gulp-compressor": "does too much",
"gulp-composer": "not a gulp plugin",
"gulp-concat-coffee": "unpublished by author",
"gulp-compass": "not a gulp plugin",
"gulp-concat-sourcemap": "gulp-concat supports source maps",
"gulp-css-combo": "not a gulp plugin",
"gulp-base64": "duplicate of gulp-css-base64",
"gulp-download-atom-shell": "not a gulp plugin",
"gulp-dummy-json": "not a gulp plugin",
"gulp-dust-html": "duplicate of gulp-dust-render",
"gulp-ect-compile": "duplicate of gulp-ect",
"gulp-ember-emblem": "duplicate of gulp-emblem",
"gulp-express-serice": "misspelling of gulp-express-service",
"gulp-express-service": "not a gulp plugin",
"gulp-fix-windows-source-maps": "use gulp-sourcemaps",
"gulp-headerfooter": "use gulp-header or gulp-footer",
"gulp-insert": "use gulp-header or gulp-footer",
"gulp-folders": "not a gulp plugin",
"gulp-hexuglify": "duplicate of gulp-uglify",
"gulp-highlight": "missing description",
"gulp-jquery-closure": "use gulp-wrap",
"gulp-iconv-lite": "missing description",
"gulp-prettify": "duplicate of gulp-html-prettify",
"gulp-hsp-compiler": "deprecated, use gulp-hashspace instead",
"gulp-hsp-transpiler": "deprecated, use gulp-hashspace instead",
"gulp-jslint-simple": "duplicate of gulp-jslint",
"gulp-jstemplate-compile": "duplicate of gulp-jst",
"gulp-jstemplater": "duplicate of gulp-jst-concat",
"gulp-kissy-xtemplate": "missing description",
"gulp-layoutize": "duplicate of gulp-consolidate",
"gulp-less-templates": "duplicate of gulp-less",
"gulp-litmus": "missing description",
"gulp-local-screenshots": "not a gulp plugin",
"gulp-mailgun": "not a gulp plugin",
"gulp-map": "not a gulp plugin",
"gulp-minifier": "does too much",
"gulp-msbuild": "not a gulp plugin",
"gulp-replace-task": "duplicate of gulp-replace",
"gulp-rev-cleaner": "renamed to gulp-rev-outdated",
"gulp-size2": "duplicate of gulp-size",
"gulp-skin": "missing repo link and description",
"gulp-slash": "not a gulp plugin and moot",
"gulp-sass-alt": "duplicate of gulp-sass",
"gulp-traceur-out": "duplicate of gulp-traceur",
"gulp-switch": "duplicate of gulp-if",
"gulp-webshot": "not a gulp plugin",
"gulp-webserver": "not a gulp plugin",
"gulp-wrapper": "duplicate of gulp-wrap",
"gulp-ziey-ruby-haml": "duplicate of gulp-ruby-haml",
"gulp.bless": "duplicate of gulp-bless",
"gulp-jsx": "duplicate of gulp-react",
"gulp-unpathify": "use the `unpathify` module directly",
"gulp-filter-by": "duplicate of gulp-filter",
"gulp-inline-source": "duplicate of gulp-smoosher",
"grunt-favicons-tasks": "use the `favicons` module directly",
"gulp-traceur-compiler": "duplicate of gulp-traceur",
"gulp-node-inspector": "not a gulp plugin, very bad patterns",
"gulp-lodash-template": "duplicate of gulp-template",
"gulp-template-compile": "duplicate of gulp-template",
"gulp-lodash-jst": "duplicate of gulp-template",
"gulp-6to5": "deprecated in favor of gulp-babel",
"gulp-jest": "use the `jest` module directly",
"gulp-karma": "use the `karma` module directly",
"gulp-concat-json2": "duplicate of gulp-concat-json, missing documentation",
"gulp-jscs-custom": "duplicate of gulp-jscs",
"gulp-origin-stylus": "duplicate of gulp-stylus",
"gulp-handlebars-compiler": "missing documentation, does basically nothing",
"daguike-gulp-rev-del": "duplicate of rev-del",
"gulp-casperjs": "not a gulp plugin",
"gulp-tsb": "duplicate of gulp-typescript",
"gulp-tsc-sushicutta": "duplicate of gulp-typescript",
"gulp-type": "renamed to gulp-typescript",
"gulp-typescript-alpha-1.5.0": "duplicate of gulp-typescript",
"gulp-typescript-package": "use gulp-typescript, gulp-uglify and gulp.dest",
"gulp-electron": "not a gulp plugin",
"gulp-props2json": "duplicate of gulp-props",
"gulp-properties": "not a gulp plugin",
"gulp-babel-transpiler": "duplicate of gulp-babel",
"gulp-uglifyjs-wrapper": "duplicate of gulp-uglify",
"gulp-livereload": "abandoned. use gulp-refresh",
"gulp-minify-css": "deprecated. use gulp-clean-css.",
"gulp.livereload": "not maintained anymore. use gulp-refresh",
"gulp-cssnano": "use gulp-clean-css or cssnano with gulp-postcss",
"gulp-lodash-autobuild": "promotes anti-patterns, use child_process",
"gulp-better-rollup": "use rollup-stream, gulp-rollup, or the `rollup` module directly",
"@absolunet/gulp-include": "fork of gulp-include, use the original module",
"gulp-uglify-es": "duplicate of gulp-uglify. ES6/ES2015 support via"
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