Bot to automatically like your friend's Instagram post and notify you on Slack
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Auto like my gf Instagram pics

Bot to automatically like your friends' Instagram posts, and notify you on your Slack channel.

Practical use cases

  • You are like me. You don't have time to check social media and you want to give attention to someone so that she notices you.
  • You are in a relationship. Your girlfriend is constantly nagging you for not being the 'first-one' to like her Instagram pics.

How does it work?

This script runs Instagram API every 15mins (cronjob) and checks for any new Instagram post for a paticular user_id. If a new a post is found it likes the post and sends a notification to your configured Slack channel using Slack Webhooks.


  • git clone
  • npm install
  • create a .env file (you must set accessToken, user_id (Target user id) from Instagram Developer API and slack_url from Slack Webhooks ) as shown. .env file This would assure that your keys are secured and index.js file is untouched.
  • npm start (run the app)

Like all the recent instagram post (test)

 GET http://localhost:3000/run

Deploy to Heroku

  • cd auto-like-my-gf-insta-pic
  • heroku login
  • heroku create (add heroku to project)
  • git push heroku master (deploy to heroku)
  • heroku ps:scale worker=1 (start dyno worker)

Heroku will generate a url for you


Setting up Cron Job

  • create an account
  • create a cronjob
  • paste the url http://<HEROKU_URL> in address
  • schedule every 15 mins

Using node-cron (local cron)

  • npm start (run the app)
  • node cron.js & create a node-cron that sends GET to the app every 15 min
  • ps to list background processes
  • kill <process id> to stop the node-cron

Docker Setup

  • Docker >= 17.x, docker-compose >= 1.x
  • Specify environment values in docker-compose.yml.
  • Run docker-compose up


  • Twitter Support
  • Like only pictures of Gf/Bf (face recognition)


Inspired from Code written in JS from scratch.