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Case Study for ride sharing service regaring User Churn
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User Churn Case Study

This case study examines user data of a ride share company and attempts to predict when a user is at risk of churning. The following describes the structure of this repository and outlines some of the findings. A power point presentation on this study can be found here. The data is ommited from the repository as per request of the company.


  • Initial EDA was done in eda.ipynb file
  • The bulk of the model including data cleaning is done in
  • Some helper functions for generating profit curves in in
  • Images directory contains
    • Profit curves with different budgets
    • Feature importance plot
    • ROC plot of our model


  • The final model used was a Gradient Boosted Model
  • It performed slightly better than a Random Forrest and significantly better than a Logistic Regression model
  • A Grid Search was run to find the optimized parameters
  • Final Model had an AUC score of .845


  • Several different budgets were created assuming that one way to get an at-risk customer to not churn was a promotion
    • We created several different budgets with this assumption in order to figure out what the optimal threshold would be in considering a user at-risk
    • These findings are displayed in the images folder
    • Analyzing the feature importance in our Gradient Boosted model revealed the the strongest factors were:
      • The % of time the user rode during surge pricing
      • The % of time the user used the service during the weekday
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