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Welcome to the AntPlanner FAQ! In case you were looking for the latest updates, click here.

What is this site and how did I get here?

If you came here via the AntPlanner website, you may be confused why you're staring at a totally different website now. The reason is because I was too lazy to build out a separate page for the AntPlanner FAQ! You can click here to return.

What is AntPlanner?

A visual way for you to experiment with course schedules. AntPlanner is maintained by me, a UCI alum.

Features include:

  • Rich calendar interface for easy course addition & removal
  • Overlappable calendar time slots
  • Saving and loading of course schedules
  • Always up-to-date course search listings

How Do I use AntPlanner?

  1. Search for a desired course by using the form and clicking 'Submit Search'
  2. Add a course by clicking a course in the course listing table
  3. To remove a course, click on the course event in the calendar

Is AntPlanner reliable?

AntPlanner has tests that ensure stability and correctness, however, it is still possible for bugs to appear due to the nature of software. Though this is unlikely, be advised that I am not responsible for anything that happens as a result of using AntPlanner.

Will AntPlanner work with my browser?

AntPlanner is mostly tested on Chrome but it should work in most modern browsers. If not, create a bug report here.

Known Issues

Aside from the bug list, please be aware of the following known issues:

  • Courses are "final" once they appear on the calendar. So if that course changes later (e.g. time or location of class), these changes are not reflected in the calendar as AntPlanner does not track course changes.

How can I contribute to AntPlanner?

Contribute source code

Whether it's adding a new feature, fixing a bug, adding tests, or augmenting any other aspect of AntPlanner code, I and many other UCI students will be grateful. All AntPlanner code is open source and is hosted right here on GitHub. Check out this page for instructions for working with the code.

For a list of people who have contributed to AntPlanner, see here.

Spread the love

Tell your friends how awesome AntPlanner is! It's always great to hear about people benefiting from AntPlanner.

You should add feature X

Sure! If the feature is indeed awesome and feasible, I'll totally consider it. Just add your suggestion here.

There is a problem with AntPlanner...

Quick! Create an issue here!

Is AntPlanner affiliated with UCI


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