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Welcome to the Tangent Labs' Book Tracking system. This repository will host the Symfony2 application that will expose a REST API to manage book catalog and loaning in the office library.


Setup your git account with public your public key and ask me to be added as Collaborator

Clone this repository through

git clone

You just downloaded the Symfony Standard Distribution base application files, but you do not have any vendor library. They can be downloaded in one shot using the symfony vendors tool. But before I advice to create and set proper permissions in the cache and logs folders:

cd BookTracker
mkdir app/cache
mkdir app/logs
chmod 777 app/cache
chmod 777 app/logs

And then

bin/vendor install

Now the script will connecto to several github repositories, download the vendor libraries (and symfony2 itself) and then execute some command line tool to finalize your project's setup.

You are done!

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