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The Gumstix RoomSense Christmas IoTree

This is an example sketch for the Gumstix RoomSense ATSAMW25 USB dongle


This RoomSense sketch is designed to activate a power relay with passive IR occupancy detection or by remote control via MyDevices Cayenne.


There are three files in this sketch. The first is this readme. Cayenne_Xmas_Tree.ino is the main application and settings.h.example is a template of the manual settings required for WiFi, OTA, and Cayenne connections.


  • Pin 10 is the relay control pin, connected to the positive input terminal of the relay
  • GND is connected to the negative terminal of the relay


The tree is activated by the PIR motion sensor when the room is occupied. After a variable interval (in minutes) of inactivity, the lights are turned off. The interval can be set with a slider input within the Cayenne project on channel 4 and the tree can be maually activated by a Cayenne button on channel 7.

The sensors on the RoomSense also deliver temperature, humidity and barometric pressure.

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