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Yocto BSP layer for Gumstix products.
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Latest commit 68e4b57 @ashcharles ashcharles u-boot: Patch support for OMAP35xx-based systems
Enabling Thumb support [1] appears to cause boot failures for Overo
COMs using OMAP35xx processors (i.e. non-Storm baords).  This revert
isn't a great long-term fix but keeps everything booting while
searching for the real fix.


Signed-off-by: Ash Charles <>

Yocto BSP layer for Gumstix products.

This repository is developed in the environment provided by the Gumstix Yocto manifest repository. New code is developed on the next branch corresponding to the dev branch of the manifest and, when appropriate, merged back into the current release branch called out by the master branch of the manifest. Older releases are tagged by name in the manifest repository and use the release-specific branches found in this repository.

This repository is discussed on the Gumstix Mailing List and feature-requests/issues can be raised against the top-level manifest project.

This layer depends on:

URI: git:// branch: fido revision: 83aa565d93aacae484976562ef1ae8dbbb6b2bc0

Layer maintainer: Adam Lee for Gumstix, Inc.

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