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acts_as_authenticated Ruby on Rails authentication system
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acts_as_authenticated generator
DEPRECATED: Use restful_authentication instead.
AAA was created by technoweenie.
I have salved the source code from technoweenie + wiki for future referance.

This is a basic authentication generator for rails, very much in the spirit of xal's original Login Generator.

To use:
1) Install the plugin
  ./ruby script/plugin install git://
2) create the model + controller
  ./script/generate authenticated user account

This generates a basic user model, a controller, some basic views, and tests.  Extra functionality can be unlocked by
removing the comments for them.  I have a few examples such as user activation and reversible encrypted passwords.

The user migration is also generated unless you pass --skip-migration.

Generate your mailer:

  ./script/generate authenticated_mailer user

Consult the Acts As Authenticated wiki for more:
This is the source code, that technoweenie created.
I have since updated the code to work with newer versions of Ruby on Rails 2.

Source is released under: GPLv3 Licence
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