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Just 50 words is a simple text editor designed to help lazy writers, like me, build a habit of writing.

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It features:

  • A smart editor that automatically saves as you write and has other nifty features that saves you time as you write.
  • Word counter with the ability to set word targets and then get positive feedback on achieving those targets.
  • A complete Pomodoro system to set writing session intervals so that you can use short focussed intervals to write.
  • A Write or Nuke feature where if you stop writing before completing the target words, everything that you wrote is cleared. This forces you to achieve your target words more often.
  • Almost everything can be configured
  • and a UI designed for the rest of us.

app screenshot

Watch "Just 50 Words" in Action

  1. Video: Quick Introduction to Just 50 Words


Just 50 Words is available for download for

Why should I use this editor

I have been using this app for the past month or so to write something everyday. And it works. I have never created so much content in such a short time, in my life and I believe that this editor played a very important role in it. Since I know how lazy I am, I tried to implement features that takes that into account.

...continue reading about the features and benefits of using "Just 50 words"

Changing configurations of "Just 50 Words"

Almost everything in the editor can be configured by editing the _config.json file.

...continue reading about configuring "Just 50 words"

Built With

If you know JavaScript, you can edit the code of "Just 50 Words"
"Just 50 Words" is created with

Planned Features

What you see here is part of the long journey that I have planned for "Just 50 Words". Most of these are doable, I just need more time to build them. Some of them are wishful thinking, but they are here anyway.

Click here to read more about the planned features

How to ask for help

How to help

  • You can securely donate using Paypal If this app helps you in your work, consider donating a small amount.This helps pay the bills for me and my kids and gives me time and lots of motivation to work on this app.

  • If you know Javascript and are familiar with Angular2 and Electron then you can review the code, suggest changes, fix bugs or add new features. Just download or clone the source code from and do whatever you want.

  • If you are a user of this app, then you can report bugs, suggest new features and share this app in your network. Help me improve this software as a user. I would also love to hear from you.

  • If you write articles or have a blog or are active on social media, then a review of this app will help me a lot. I would love to discuss any specific detail i.e. the technology involved, philosophy etc.

  • Hire me. If you have a project that uses Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, Electron, NodeJS, Ionic for mobile etc, I can help.

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