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Reader Shop

Works with the reader extension to charge for items via paypal. Differs from other payment extensions by being very light. There is no products table - instead orders are created by sending for data to the /orders path.


Works with 0.8.1 and probably 0.9. Currently requires my fork of Spanner's reader extension:

Currently requires the multi-site extension installed, although this will probably change.


Get the code however you like. Submodules are a good idea:

git submodule add vendor/extensions/reader_shop

Run the migrations:

rake radiant:extensions:reader_shop:migrate

In your environment.rb:

config.gem 'inherited_resources', :version => "1.0.6"


Go to the settings page for whichever site requires ordering functionality and enter your paypal credentials. Create a user facing form which when submitted sends the parameters title, description, and price (in cents) to the /orders path.

There is a tag to help create the form, the tag can take argument normally, or by having the its inner content interpereted as YAML. For example:

<r:order_form description="great fun!" price="3900">
title: <r:title/>
submit: Purchase

Arguments from YAMl take override the regular ones.

A user submitting the form, if not signed in as a reader, will be asked to create a reader account or sign in. They will then be asked to confirm their billing details before being redirected to paypal.

Any questions: please message me.