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Prototypes for the rails_admin project
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Rails Admin Prototypes

This project contains mockups for the rails_admin project. They are currently focussed on trying to figure out how best to integrate the activo theme into it.

Currently this project consists of some images in mockups, the source files in fireworks_pngs, a demo html page at public/basic/players.html, and a site runnable by middleman.

Please fork and improve!

The new look

new look

In detail


  1. Links to the site's root page and the dashboard
  2. Links for the currently logged in user - preferences and logout
  3. Links to each of the models managed by rails_admin. These replaces our current tabs. Putting them here means we don't have to worry about them overflowing.
  4. Tabs for Index, Show and Edit. When on a specific player's view page in the example, the Index and Edit tabs would be active providing an easy way to jump to one of those.
  5. History for the current model.

A login page

login page

Nav links in sidebar

Nav links in sidebar

Alternative placement for the navigation links, frees up header some more. Possibly these could be removed altogther and be covered by the user icons in the top right.

Error flash message


Error inline

Error inline

Compact, but might be a mistake if we ever wanted to show more than one flash message at a time.

Error above

Error above

Dark header

Dark header

Alternative style.

Dark with high_buttons

Alternative style

Dark with darkened buttons

Dark with darkened buttons

So, what do you think?

Started 2011, Arthur Gunn, released under the MIT license. Lot's of thanks to David Francisco for the theme, and everyone who's contributed to the web-app-theme, and rails_admin projects.

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