A google closure boilerplate repo, fork to construct a google closure based project
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Closure Boilerplate

A google closure boilerplate repository, clone to construct a google closure based project

Quick Start

  • Clone the repo, git clone git@github.com:thanpolas/closure-boilerplate.git
  • Init the submodules to get the latest google-closure library
    • git submodule init
    • git submodule update
  • Point your apache to the 'html/' folder
  • You are ready!

Directory Structure

  • html/ Your DOCUMENT_ROOT folder
    • js/ The javascript source folder. Closure library is here, as well as a sample JS source
    • jsc/ The JS compiling scripts output here the compiled .JS
  • bin/ The scripts to calculate dependencies and compile the JS are in this folder
    • externs/ The extern files required by the compiler for ADVANCED_OPTIMIZATIONS
    • compilers/ The compilers .jar files. A modified compiler exists sscompiler.jar which when used excludes from compilation all calls to the following:
      • Libraries: goog.debug.*, goog.asserts.*, window.console
      • Inline execution of: logger, logger_, window.console.log

How to Operate

###Calc Deps### Whenever you need to update the dependencies file located in html/js/deps.js you need to go to the bin/ folder and run ./01.run_calcdeps.pl

###JS Compile### From the same folder (bin/) you can run the compile command ./05.js_compile.pl which will produce the packed compiled JS files and put them in the html/jsc/ directory.