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JDK API Diff Report Generator

Note: This project has been migrated to the AdoptOpenJDK organization ( and this repository is not actively maintained any longer.

This project creates a report of all API changes between two different JDK versions, e.g. JDK 8 and 9, using JapiCmp.

Published reports

Report created by this generator can be found here (excluding any unsupported Sun/Oracle/Apple modules):


To create the report yourself, e.g. with different settings, run mvn clean install. The API change report can be found at target/jdk-api-diff.html.

Maven Toolchains are used to locate the different JDKs. There must be a toolchain of type jdk for the JDKs to compare. Provide a file ~.m2/toolchains.xml like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF8"?>

Specify two properties, jdk1 and jdk2 in your pom.xml, identifying the base and target JDK version for the comparison. The values are comma-separated requirements matched against the <provides> configurations of the existing toolchain entries. Both properties must unambiguously identify one toolchain, for example:


If there's no matching toolchain or multiple ones match the given requirements, an exception will be raised.

The report is created via the ModuleRepackager class which is executed with the Maven exec plug-in. Adjust the following options passed to that class in pom.xml as needed:

  • --exported-packages-only: true or false, depending on whether only exported packages should be compared or all packages; only applies if both compared versions are Java 9 or later
  • --excluded-packages: a comma-separated listed of package names which should be excluded from the comparison


This project is licensed under the Apache License version 2.0.


NOTE: This project has been migrated to




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