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Demo of using Quarkus with server-side templates via its Qute extension an Unpoly for client-side enhancements.

If you want to learn more about Quarkus, please visit its website: .

Database set-up

This project uses Postgres which can be started via Docker Compose:

cd compose
docker-compose up

A database "tododb", a user and schema are all configured automatically, so no further setup is needed. If the database doesn't show up in PGAdmin, the definition can be imported like this:

docker exec -it pgadmin_container python --load-servers /pgadmin4/servers.json --user

To browse the database, go to http://localhost:5050/browser/ and log in with user name "" and password "admin". To connect to the "tododb" database, use "todopw" as password when requested.


This project uses Unpoly for a smoother user experience: links and form submissions will be intercepted and executed as AJAX requests, avoiding a full page reload by replacing page fragments.

If JavaScript is disabled, the application gracefully falls back to the regular mode and experience of server-side rendered applications.

Running the application in dev mode

You can run your application in dev mode that enables live coding using:

./mvnw quarkus:dev

Packaging and running the application

The application is packageable using ./mvnw package. It produces the executable quarkus-qute-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT-runner.jar file in /target directory. Be aware that it’s not an über-jar as the dependencies are copied into the target/lib directory.

The application is now runnable using java -jar target/quarkus-qute-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT-runner.jar.

Creating a native executable

You can create a native executable using: ./mvnw package -Pnative.

Or you can use Docker to build the native executable using: ./mvnw package -Pnative -Dquarkus.native.container-build=true.

You can then execute your binary: ./target/quarkus-qute-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT-runner

If you want to learn more about building native executables, please consult .

Running the native executable via Docker

docker build -f src/main/docker/Dockerfile.native -t quarkus-examples/quarkus-qute .
docker run -i --rm -p 8080:8080 --network todo-network -e QUARKUS_DATASOURCE_URL=jdbc:postgresql://todo-db:5432/tododb quarkus-examples/quarkus-qute
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