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@neoblizz neoblizz released this Sep 20, 2019 · 64 commits to master since this release

Minor feature and clean-up release.

v1.1.0 Changelog

  • Subgraph Matching (SM) fixes
  • SM _app .cu and .cuh updates, following proper coding style
  • GetSrcDestEdge; given v and u, get the E(v, u).
  • Removing grmat app (uses older API)
  • Adding grmat implementation to rmat generator (supports v0.5.1 functionality of grmat)
  • Streamlining performance testing (#576) and other JSON schema fixes
  • Fixed pagerank support if boost is not found
  • Added binary search google test

Known Issues:

  • PageRank has a bug when using rmat generator.
  • PTXAS warning "out of range" for Turing arch (SM 7.5) #598
  • Graph generators with no undirected graphs support #592
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@neoblizz neoblizz released this Jun 14, 2019 · 126 commits to master since this release


Release v1.0 is a major API refactor release, along with some feature updates and new applications/primitives. An important note from this release is that moving forward, v1.x will be incompatible with v0.5.x Gunrock, some applications are still pending to be ported over to the new and improved API.

  • New operator interfaces
  • New graph representations
  • New frontier structure
  • New test driver
  • Restructured enactor routines
  • New parameter handling
  • New operators
  • Code restructuring
  • Optional Boost dependency

v1.0 Changelog

Operators (i.e. advance, filter)

  • Take in lambda functions for per-element operations, instead of static
    functions in a structure. <algo>_functor.cuh is merged into
  • Use OprtrParameters structure to keep inputs, except for the graph,
    input / output frontiers, and the lambdas
  • KernelPolicy is defined within each operator, instead of in the enactor
  • Templatized options (Idempotence, mark-preds, advance types, reduce ops,
    reduce types, etc.) are provided as a combined 32bit OprtrFlag
  • Queue index and selector are automatically changed by the operator when

Graph representation

  • A single structure encloses all graph related data
  • Different representations (CSR, CSC, COO, etc.) can be selected based
    on algorithmic needs
  • New graph representations could be added without changing other parts of
    Gunrock, except operator implementation that handles how to traverse such
    new representation
  • CPU, GPU and sub-graphs use the same graph data structure, no more
    GraphSlice and GRGraph


  • A single structure gunrock/app/frontier.cuh:Frontier
    encloses all frontier related data

Test driver

  • Allows multiple graph types (64bit-VertexT, 64bit-SizeT,
    64bit-ValueT, directed vs. undirected) and multiple parameters
    combinations to run in a single execution
  • Allows result validation for each run, instead of only the last run
  • Result validation without reference for BFS and SSSP
  • Moved common functions into gunrock/app/test_base.cuh
  • Moved CPU reference code and result validation into


  • Common functions moved into gunrock/app/enactor_base.cuh
  • Use OpenMP to maintain controlling threads on CPU
  • Use instances of Iteration instead of static access to its functions

Command line parameters

  • A dedicated Parameters struct to store all running parameters
  • Need to define parameters via. Use function before using them
  • Command line is parsed by get_opt
  • Set to set parameter values
  • Get to get parameter values
  • Handles vectors as parameter values

1D operators for Array1D

  • Per-element operations, e.g. ForAll and ForEach
  • Vector-Vector operations, e.g. Add, Minus, Mul, Div, Mad, Set
  • Vector-Scalar operations
  • Sort

Code restructuring

  • Partitioners moved from gunrock/app to gunrock/partitioner
  • LB operator moved from gunrock/oprtr/edge_map_partitioned_forward to
  • TWC operator moved from 'gunrock/oprtr/edge_map_forward' to

Optional Boost dependency

  • Utility functions changed to C++11 or implemented
  • CPU references implemented for BFS and SSSP, and will be called when BOOST
    is not available
  • info will use RapidJson-based implementation, when Boost is not available

Known Issues

  • Multi-GPU framework not fully tested,
  • Operators have decreased performance, due to more than 32 registers used by
    a single thread in the kernels,
  • RGG and GRMAT generators not ported yet,
  • SSSP may have incorrect predecessors, due to data racing in marking the
    predecessors within the operator kernels
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@neoblizz neoblizz released this May 28, 2019 · 783 commits to master since this release

Minor bug-fixes release.

v0.5.1 Changelog

  • Added Ctest for TC and SALSA applications
  • Fixed illegal memory access bug in WTF
  • Removed test directory
  • Removed duplicated templates
  • Cleaned up sample application code
  • Added support for CUDA 9+, updated moderngpu dependency
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@neoblizz neoblizz released this Mar 2, 2019 · 806 commits to master since this release

Gunrock release 0.5 is a feature (minor) release that adds:

  • New primitives and better support for existing primitives.
  • New operator: Intersection.
  • Unit-testing support through Googletest infrastructure.
  • CPU reference code for correctness checking for some of the primitives.
  • Support for central integration (Jenkins) and code-coverage.
  • Overall bug fixes and support for new CUDA architectures.

v0.5 Changelog

All notable changes to gunrock for v0.5 are documented below:


  • New primitives:
    • A*
    • Weighted Label Propagation (LP)
    • Minimum Spanning Tree (MST)
    • Random Walk (RW)
    • Triangle Counting (TC)
  • Operator:
    • Intersection operator (for example, see TC)
  • Unit-testing:
    • Googletest support (see unittests directory)
  • Docs
  • CPU reference code
  • Run scripts for all primitives
  • Clang-format based on Google style
    • see commit aac9add (revert for diff)
  • Support for Volta and Turing architectures
  • Regression tests to ctest for better code-coverage
  • Memset kernels
  • Multi-gpu testing through Jenkins


  • Subgraph matching and join operator removed due to race conditions (SM is now added to the future release)
  • Plots generation python scripts removed (moved to
  • MaxFlow primitive removed, wasn't fully implemented for a release (implementation exists in the new API for future release)
  • Outdated documentation


  • HITS now produces correct results
  • Illegal memory access fixed for label propagation (LP) primitive
  • WTF Illegal memory access fixed for frontier queue (see known issues below)
  • Other minor bug fixes


  • Updated README and other docs
  • Moved previously tests directory to examples
  • Doesn't require CMakeLists.txt (or cmake) to run make
  • Moved all docs to Slate

Known Issues:

  • WTF has illegal memory access (#503).
  • A* sometimes outputs the wrong path randomly (#502).
  • Random Walk uses custom kernels within gunrock, this is resolved for future releases.
  • CPU Reference code not implemented for SALSA, TC and LP (#232).
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@yzhwang yzhwang released this Nov 11, 2016 · 1221 commits to master since this release

Gunrock release 0.4 is a feature release that adds

  • New optimizations to both advance and filter operators
  • Multi-iteration support for BFS, SSSP, BC, CC and PR
  • Better error handling
  • Updates on several interfaces
  • Overall performance improvement for both single and multi-GPU execution

v0.4 ChangeLog

  • Integrated direction-optimizing BFS with normal BFS. Now for BFS
    there is only one executable, named bfs. The direction-optimizing
    switch is enabled by the command-line option
  • Added three new strategies for advance (triggered by setting
    ADVANCE_MODE accordingly):
    • ALL_EDGES, optimized for advance on all edges with all vertices
      of the graph. With ALL_EDGES, there is no need to use sorted
      search for load balancing, just binary search over the whole row
      offsets array; used in CC.
    • LB_CULL, fused LB advance with a subsequent CULL filter; used in
      BFS, SSSP and BC.
    • LB_LIGHT_CULL, fused LB_LIGHT advance with a subsequent CULL
      filter; used in BFS, SSSP and BC.
  • Added three new strategies of filter (triggered by setting
    FILTER_MODE accordingly):
    • COMPACTED_CULL, optimized on several culling heuristics
    • SIMPLIFIED, another implementation of the CULL filter, without
      some optimizations
    • BY_PASS, optimized for a filter with no elements
      to remove from the input frontier; used in CC and PR.
  • Added multi-iteration support for BFS, SSSP, BC, CC and PR. Users
    can set the number of iterations to run and specify the source node
    for each run (if necessary) via InitSetup() defined in gunrock.h.

v0.4 Known Issues

  • HITS and SALSA do not have CPU reference yet
  • HITS, SALSA, and who-to-Follow do not have multi-GPU support yet
  • An out-of-memory error (for graphs that approach the memory limit
    of GPUs) will cause result validation to fail
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@yzhwang yzhwang released this Nov 13, 2016 · 1618 commits to master since this release

A release version for PPoPP 2016 artifact evaluation.

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@yzhwang yzhwang released this Aug 8, 2015 · 1665 commits to master since this release

Gunrock release 0.3 is a feature release that adds two new graph primitives—Stochastic Approach for Link-Structure Analysis (SALSA) and Minimal Spanning Tree (MST)—and improves several existing primitives. The new release uses a unified framework for both single-GPU and single-node multi-GPUs. Five graph primitives (BFS, CC, PR, BC, and SSSP) can be launched on multi-GPUs now by adding the command-line option--device=GPU_index_1,GPU_index_2,...,GPU_index_n. A simple pure C interface allow users to easily integrate Gunrock into their own work. A stats-logging and performance-chart-generating pipeline is prototyped in this new release. All our future releases will require C++11 support.

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@yzhwang yzhwang released this Oct 14, 2014 · 2114 commits to master since this release

A new Gunrock release which includes a whole re-factoring of v0.1 with two traversal modes, two brand-new operators (advance and filter) and several new graph primitives. This release is the reference version which will reproduce our experiment results for PPoPP `15.

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@yzhwang yzhwang released this Nov 20, 2013 · 2454 commits to master since this release

Gunrock version 0.1 release.

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