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A package for Arch Linux to lock LUKS encrypted volumes on suspend.

When using dm-crypt with LUKS to set up full system encryption, the encryption key is kept in memory when suspending the system. This drawback defeats the purpose of encryption if you are ever physically separated from your machine. One can use the cryptsetup luksSuspend command to freeze all I/O and flush the key from memory, but special care must be taken when applying it to the root device.

The go-luks-suspend program replaces the default suspend mechanism of systemd. It chroots to initramfs in order to perform the luksSuspend, suspend to RAM, and luksResume operations. It relies on the shutdown initcpio hook to provide access to the initramfs.

This project is a rewrite of Vianney le Clément's excellent project arch-luks-suspend in the Go programming language, and features the following improvements:

  • All non-root LUKS volumes are locked on suspend.

  • Root LUKS volumes can be unlocked with a keyfile. (Press CTRL-R at the prompt to unlock the root volume with a keyfile stored on a removable device. See cryptkey.)

  • Non-root LUKS volumes with keyfiles specified in /etc/crypttab are concurrently unlocked on wake.

  • Press Escape to re-suspend the system after wake without having to unlock it first. (N.B.)


  1. Install this AUR package:
    Alternatively, run make install as root.

  2. Edit /etc/mkinitcpio.conf and make sure the following hooks are enabled:
    udev, encrypt, shutdown, and suspend.

  3. Rebuild the initramfs: mkinitcpio -p linux.

  4. Enable the service: systemctl enable go-luks-suspend.service

  5. Reboot.

Q. How do I unlock non-root LUKS volumes on wake?

A. go-luks-suspend locks all active LUKS volumes on the system, but will only prompt the user to unlock the root volume on wake.

To unlock a non-root LUKS volume on wake, add an entry with a keyfile in /etc/crypttab:

# /etc/crypttab
#<name>   <device>                                   <keyfile>           <options>
crypt-01  UUID=51932da0-6da1-4e92-9c2e-fc0063b2fcdb  /root/crypt-01.key  luks
crypt-02  UUID=4bf96ca0-8d10-47e9-bf57-aea2c72a472d  /root/crypt-02.key  luks
crypt-03  UUID=7a790264-34a3-40d7-837f-b76271710e2a  /root/crypt-03.key  luks

In the example above, crypt-01, crypt-02, and crypt-03 will be unlocked concurrently on wake after the user successfully unlocks the root volume with a passphrase.

Q. How do I poweroff the system on errors?

A. The -poweroff flag instructs go-luks-suspend to power off the machine on error or when the user fails to unlock the root volume on wake. To add this flag to the go-luks-suspend command line:

  1. Override the service file:
# systemctl edit go-luks-suspend.service
  1. Redefine the ExecStart entry with the -poweroff flag:
ExecStart=/usr/bin/openvt -ws -- /usr/lib/go-luks-suspend/go-luks-suspend -poweroff

Q. My system doesn't re-suspend with the Escape key after wake but before unlock!

A. The kernel calls thaw_processes() after waking the system from suspend. This wakes up all processes on the system, any of which may initiate IO with a locked LUKS volume.

These processes, in turn, refuse to be frozen by freeze_processes(), which is called during the system suspend sequence. Because the kernel refuses to suspend the system until the hanging processes are frozen, the only way to re-suspend the system at this point is unlock the affected LUKS volume, let the IO complete, and try again.

In practice, network IO after wake is the largest reason that suspend fails after-wake-but-before-unlock. It is therefore recommended that you bring down the machine's network interfaces before suspend and restore them on wake.

Q. How do I run go-luks-suspend in debug mode?

A. Run go-luks-suspend with the -debug flag to print debugging messages and to spawn a rescue shell on errors.

# /usr/lib/go-luks-suspend/go-luks-suspend -debug

Authors and license

Copyright 2017 Sung Pae (Go implementation)

Copyright 2013 Vianney le Clément de Saint-Marcq

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; version 3 of the License.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with This program. If not, see


Lock encrypted LUKS volumes on suspend in Arch Linux







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