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### Requires ~/.bashrc.d/functions.bash
### Utility Functions
# Toggle PS1 transformations
# Param: $* Interior of bash parameter expansion: '/\\u/\\u is a luser'
__ps1toggle__() {
# Seed PS1 stack variable if unset
declare -p __ps1stack__ &>/dev/null || __ps1stack__=("$PS1")
# Check for existing transformation
local idx count=${#__ps1stack__[@]} exists=0
for ((idx = 1; idx < count; ++idx)); do
if [[ "$*" == "${__ps1stack__[idx]}" ]]; then
# Remove existing pattern, or push new one
if ((exists)); then
__ps1stack__=("${__ps1stack__[@]:0:idx}" "${__ps1stack__[@]:idx+1}")
# Replay transformations
local expr
for expr in "${__ps1stack__[@]:1}"; do
eval "PS1=\"\${PS1$expr}\""
# Param: $1 PATH-style envvar name
# Param: [${@:2}] List of directories to prepend
__prepend_path__() {
local var="$1"
if (($# == 1)); then
ruby -e 'puts [ARGV[0], ENV[ARGV[0]]].join("=")' -- "$var"
local newpath=$(ruby -e '
paths = (ENV[ARGV[0]] || "").split ":"
ARGV.drop(1).reverse_each do |dir|
dir = File.expand_path dir
next unless dir
paths.reject! { |d| d == dir }
paths.unshift dir
puts paths.join(":")
' "$var" "${@:2}")
export "$var=$newpath"
echo "$var=$newpath"
# Param: $1 Directory to list
# Param: $2 Interior of Ruby block with filename `f`
__lstype__() {
ruby -e '
Dir.chdir ARGV.first do
puts Dir.entries(".").reject { |e| e =~ /\A\.{1,2}\z/ }.select { |f| eval ARGV[1] }.sort
' -- "$@"
### Completion Functions
__longopt__() {
complete -F _longopt "$@"
__compreply__() {
local cur
_get_comp_words_by_ref cur
COMPREPLY=($(compgen -W "$*" -- "$cur"));
__lsdisk__() {
__compreply__ "$(lsdisk)"
__partitions__() {
__compreply__ "$(awk 'NR > 2 {print "/dev/"$NF}' /proc/partitions)"
__pacdowngrade__() {
__compreply__ "$(command ls -1 /var/cache/pacman/pkg/ | grep -E 'pkg\.tar\.[a-z]+$')"
__pacman_sync__() {
type _pacman_pkg &>/dev/null || __load_completion pacman
local common core cur database files prev query remove sync upgrade o
_get_comp_words_by_ref cur prev
_pacman_pkg Slq
__pacman_pkgs__() {
type _pacman_pkg &>/dev/null || __load_completion pacman
local common core cur database files prev query remove sync upgrade o
_get_comp_words_by_ref cur prev
_pacman_pkg Qq
__mtlabel__() {
if ((COMP_CWORD == 1)); then
__compreply__ "$(command ls -1 /dev/disk/by-label/)";
type _mount &>/dev/null || __load_completion mount
__mtusb__() {
local prev
_get_comp_words_by_ref prev
if [[ "$prev" == '-o' || "$prev" == '--options' ]]; then
type _mount &>/dev/null || __load_completion mount
__systemd_units__() {
__compreply__ "$({ systemctl list-unit-files; systemctl list-units --all; } | while read -r a b; do
[[ $a =~ @\. ]] || echo " $a"
CD_FUNC -n .. ..
CD_FUNC -n ... ../..
CD_FUNC -n .... ../../..
CD_FUNC -n ..... ../../../..
CD_FUNC -n ...... ../../../../..
CD_FUNC -n ....... ../../../../../..
CD_FUNC -n ........ ../../../../../../..
CD_FUNC -x cdhaus ~/.haus /opt/haus
CD_FUNC cdanchors /etc/ca-certificates/trust-source/anchors
CD_FUNC cddnscrypt /etc/dnscrypt-proxy
CD_FUNC -x cdnginx /etc/nginx
CD_FUNC -n cdusb /mnt/usb
CD_FUNC cdtmp ~/tmp "$TMPDIR" /tmp
CD_FUNC cdm /var/lib/machines
CD_FUNC cdpostgres /var/lib/postgres
CD_FUNC cdlog /var/log
CD_FUNC cdpacmancache /var/cache/pacman/pkg
CD_FUNC cdwww /srv/http /srv/www /var/www
CD_FUNC -x cdapi "$cdwww/api.test"
CD_FUNC cdconfig ~/.config
CD_FUNC cdlocal ~/.local /usr/local
CD_FUNC cdLOCAL /usr/local
CD_FUNC cdgo "${GOPATH%%:*}" /opt/src/go
CD_FUNC cdpass ~/.password-store
CD_FUNC -x cdsrc /opt/src ~/src /usr/local/src
CD_FUNC cdarchlinux "$cdsrc/archlinux"
CD_FUNC cdvimfiles "$cdsrc/vimfiles"
CD_FUNC cddesktop ~/Desktop ~guns/Desktop
CD_FUNC cddocuments ~/Documents ~guns/Documents
CD_FUNC cddownloads ~/Downloads ~guns/Downloads
CD_FUNC cddbeaver ~/.local/share/DBeaverData/workspace6/General/Scripts
### Bash builtins and Haus commands
# Show commands shadowed by aliases and functions
shadowenv() {
local cmd buf
cat <(alias | ruby -e 'puts $^alias (.*?)=/).map { |(a)| a }') \
<(set | grep '^[^ ]* ()' | awk '{print $1}') |
while builtin read cmd; do
buf="$(type -a "$cmd" | grep "$cmd is ")"
if (($(grep --count . <<< "$buf") > 1)); then
printf "%s\n\n" "$buf"
hausrelink() { run haus unlink -b "$@" && run haus link "$@"; }; TCOMP haus hausrelink
alias h='history'
alias j='jobs'
alias o='echo'
alias t='type --'; TCOMP type t
alias ta='type -a --'; TCOMP type ta
alias tp='type -P --'; TCOMP type tp
alias x='exec'; TCOMP exec x
alias us='unset'; TCOMP unset us
alias xp='export'; TCOMP export xp
alias wrld='while read l; do'; TCOMP exec wrld
alias comp='complete -p'; TCOMP complete comp
# PATH manipulation
alias path='__prepend_path__ PATH'
alias ldpath='__prepend_path__ LD_LIBRARY_PATH'
alias gopath='__prepend_path__ GOPATH'
alias rubylib='__prepend_path__ RUBYLIB'
# Toggle xtrace, verbose mode
setx() {
if [[ "$SHELLOPTS" =~ :?xtrace:? ]]; then
set +xv
set -xv
# Toggle history
nohist() {
if [[ "$HISTFILE" ]]; then
__ps1toggle__ '/\\H/[nohist] \\H'
if ((NOHIST == 1)); then nohist; fi
# Repeat
rep() {
for ((i = 0; i < "$1"; ++i)); do
{ eval "${@:2}"; } || break
# notify
n() {
local exitstatus=$?
if (($#)); then
notify "$@"
notify -? "$exitstatus"
alias na='notify --alert'
__longopt__ notify n na
# run bgrun
TCOMP exec run
TCOMP exec bgrun
### Files, Disks, and Memory
# grep
alias g="grep --ignore-case --color --perl-regexp"
alias gw='g --word-regexp'
alias gv='g --invert-match'
alias gc='grep --count .'
# ripgrep
alias rgi='rg --ignore-case'
alias rgf='rg --fixed-strings'
alias rgu='rg -uuu'
alias rgiu='rg --ignore-case -uuu'
# cat tail less
alias c='cat'
alias tf='tail --follow=name --retry'
alias l='less'
alias L='less -+S'
alias lf='less +F'
# ls
alias ls="ls -l --almost-all --human-readable --quoting-style=literal --show-control-chars --color"
alias lc="command ls -C --color"
alias lsg='ls | g'
alias lsd='ls --directory'
lsr() { ls --recursive "${@:-.}" | pager; }
lst() { ls -t "${@:-.}" | pager; }
alias l1='command ls -1'
alias lsmapper='ls /dev/mapper'
for d in /dev/disk/by-*; do
alias lsby"${d:13}"="ls $d"
done; unset d
lsdbus() { find /usr/share/dbus-1 -name "*.service" | sort; }
ls.() { __lstype__ "${1:-.}" 'f =~ /\A\./'; }
lsf() { __lstype__ "${1:-.}" 'File.lstat(f).ftype == "file"'; }
lsl() { __lstype__ "${1:-.}" 'File.lstat(f).ftype == "link"'; }
lsx() { __lstype__ "${1:-.}" 'File.lstat(f).ftype == "file" and File.executable? f'; }
lsD() { __lstype__ "${1:-.}" 'File.lstat(f).ftype == "directory"'; }
# objdump hexdump strings readelf hexfiend
hex() { hexdump --canonical "$@" | pager; }; TCOMP hexdump hex
ox() { objdump --all-headers "$@" | pager; }; TCOMP objdump ox
disas() { objdump -D -M intel-mnemonic "$@" | pager; }
dylibs() { readelf --dynamic "$@" | pager; }; TCOMP readelf dylibs
strings() { command strings --all --radix=x "$@" | pager; }
# find
f() { find-wrapper -- "$@"; }; TCOMP find f
f1() { find-wrapper --predicate '-maxdepth 1' -- "$@"; }; TCOMP find f1
ff() { find-wrapper --predicate '( -type f -o -type l )' -- "$@"; }; TCOMP find ff
fF() { find-wrapper --predicate '-type f' -- "$@"; }; TCOMP find fF
fx() { find-wrapper --predicate '-type f -executable' -- "$@"; }; TCOMP find fx
fl() { find-wrapper --predicate '-type l' -- "$@"; }; TCOMP find fl
fL() { find-wrapper --predicate '-xtype l' -- "$@"; }; TCOMP find fL
fd() { find-wrapper --predicate '-type d' -- "$@"; }; TCOMP find fd
f.() {
local f
for d in .*; do
[[ -d "$d" ]] || continue
[[ "$d" == . || "$d" == .. ]] && continue
f "$d" "$@" 2>/dev/null
}; TCOMP find f.
fft() {
find-wrapper --predicate '( -type f -o -type l ) -print0' -- "$@" | ruby -e '
puts $"\0").sort_by { |f| -File.mtime(f).to_i }
}; TCOMP find fft
fft0() {
find-wrapper --predicate '( -type f -o -type l ) -print0' -- "$@" | ruby -e '
puts $"\0").sort_by { |f| -File.mtime(f).to_i }.join("\0")
}; TCOMP find fft0
# Breadth-first search and chdir
cdf() { cd "$(if ! find-directory "$@"; then echo .; fi)"; }
# cd physical path
cdp() { cd "$(pwd -P)"; }
# cd git root
cdroot() { cd "$(git rev-parse --show-toplevel)"; }
# xargs
alias x0='xargs -0'
# cp
alias cp='command cp --verbose --interactive'
alias cpf='command cp --verbose --force'
alias cpr='command cp --verbose --recursive --interactive'
alias cprf='command cp --verbose --recursive --force'
alias cpparents='command cp --verbose --parents'
# mv
alias mv='command mv --verbose --interactive'
alias mvf='command mv --verbose --force'
# rm
alias rm='rm --verbose'
alias rmf='rm --force'
alias rmrf='rm --recursive --force --one-file-system'
# ln
alias ln='ln --verbose --interactive'
alias lns='ln --symbolic'
alias lnsf='lns --force'
lndesktop() {
(($# == 1)) && [[ -L ~/Desktop || ! -e ~/Desktop ]] && [[ -d "$1" ]] && lnrelative --force "$1" ~/Desktop
lnnull() { run rm --recursive --force "${1%/}" && run ln --symbolic --force /dev/null "${1%/}"; }
# chmod chown touch
alias chmod='chmod --verbose'
alias chmodr='chmod --recursive'
alias chmodx='chmod +x'
alias chown='chown --verbose'
alias chownr='chown --recursive'; TCOMP chown chownr
# mkdir
alias md='mkdir --verbose --parents'; complete -o dirnames md
alias rd='rmdir --verbose --parents'; complete -o dirnames rd
mdf() { mkdir --verbose --parents "$@"; cd "$1"; }; complete -o dirnames mdf
# df du
alias df='df --human-readable'
alias du='du --human-readable'
alias dus='du --summarize'
# mount
mt() {
if (($#)); then
run mount --verbose --options noatime "$@"
elif type findmnt &>/dev/null; then
}; TCOMP mount mt
alias mtb='mt --bind'; TCOMP mount mtb
alias mtro='mt --read-only'; TCOMP mount mtro
alias mtbro='mt --bind --read-only'; TCOMP mount mtbro
alias umt='umount --verbose'; TCOMP mount umt
alias mtusb='mountusb'; complete -F __mtusb__ mtusb
alias umtusb='umountusb'
remt() {
if (($# < 2)); then
echo "USAGE: $FUNCNAME mount-opts mountpoint"
return 1
run mount --verbose --options "remount,$1" "${@:2}"
}; TCOMP umount remt
mtlabel() {
(($# >= 2)) || { echo "$FUNCNAME label mount-args" >&2; return 1; }
run mount --options noatime "/dev/disk/by-label/$1" "${@:2}"
}; complete -F __mtlabel__ mtlabel
# findmnt
alias fm='findmnt'
# lsblk
lsb() {
if (($#)); then
lsblk --all "$@"
}; TCOMP lsblk lsb
alias lsbfs='lsb --fs'
alias lsbmode='lsb --perms'
alias lsbscsi='lsb --scsi'
# tar
alias lstar='tar --list --verbose --file'
untar() {
local opts=() file
[[ "$1" == --strip-components=* ]] && { opts+=("$1"); shift; }
[[ -f "$1" ]] && file='--file';
run tar --extract --verbose $file "$@" "${opts[@]}"
alias star='tar --strip-components=1'
alias gtar='tar --gzip --create --verbose'
alias btar='tar --bzip2 --create --verbose'
alias xtar='tar --xz --create --verbose'
alias ztar='tar --zstd --create --verbose'
alias suntar='untar --strip-components=1'
alias guntar='untar --gunzip'
alias buntar='untar --bzip2'
alias xuntar='untar --xz'
alias zuntar='untar --zstd'
# open
alias op='open 2>/dev/null'; complete -F _minimal op
# rsync
alias rsync='rsync -hhh --sparse --partial'; TCOMP rsync rsync-backup
# dd
HAVE dcfldd && { alias dd='dcfldd'; TCOMP dd dcfldd; }
TCOMP dd ddsize
# free
alias free='free --human'
# iotop
alias iotop='iotop --only'
# Swap
alias swapin='swapoff --all --verbose; swapon --all --verbose'
# attributes
alias lsa='lsattr -a'
alias chimmutable='chattr -V +i'
alias chmutable='chattr -V -i'
# inotifywait
HAVE inotifywait && fwatch() {
local OPTIND OPTARG opt recurse
while getopts :hr opt; do
case "$opt" in
h) echo "USAGE: $FUNCNAME [-r] file … -- cmd …" >&2; return;;
r) recurse=1;;
shift $((OPTIND-1))
local args=("$@") files=() cmd=()
for ((i = 0; i < $#; ++i)); do
if [[ "${args[i]}" == '--' ]]; then
if ((${#files[@]} == 0)); then
echo "No files to watch!" >&2
return 1
elif ((${#cmd[@]} == 0)); then
echo "No commands given!" >&2
return 1
while :; do
until stat "${files[@]}" &>/dev/null; do
sleep 1
local f=$(ruby -r fileutils -r shellwords -e '
cmd = %w[inotifywait --monitor --event close_write --event attrib --quiet --format %w%f]
cmd << "--recursive" if ARGV[0] == "1"
cmd.concat ARGV.drop(1)
warn cmd.shelljoin
IO.popen cmd do |io| { $stdin.gets; Process.kill :TERM, }
io.each_line do |line|
if File.file? line
puts line
Process.kill :TERM,
' -- "$recurse" "${files[@]}")
eval "${cmd[@]}"
sleep 0.5
# Check shell init files and system paths for loose permissions
ckperm() { source "$cdhaus/bin/checkpermissions.bash"; }
### Processes
# kill
alias k='kill'; TCOMP kill k
alias k9='kill -KILL'
alias khup='kill -HUP'
alias kint='kill -INT'
alias kstop='kill -STOP'
alias kcont='kill -CONT'
alias kusr1='kill -USR1'
alias kquit='kill -QUIT'
alias kabort='kill -ABRT'
alias ka='killall --exact --verbose'; TCOMP killall ka
alias ka9='ka -KILL'
alias kahup='ka -HUP'
alias kaint='ka -INT'
alias kastop='ka -STOP'
alias kacont='ka -CONT'
alias kausr1='ka -USR1'
alias kaquit='ka -QUIT'
alias kaabort='ka -ABRT'
alias pk='pkill --exact'; TCOMP pkill pk
alias pk9='pk -KILL'
alias pkhup='pk -HUP'
alias pkint='pk -INT'
alias pkstop='pk -STOP'
alias pkcont='pk -CONT'
alias pkusr1='pk -USR1'
alias pkquit='pk -QUIT'
alias pkabort='pk -ABRT'
# ps (traditional BSD / SysV flags seem to be the most portable)
alias psa='ps axo comm,pid,ppid,pgid,sid,nlwp,pcpu,pmem,rss,start_time,user,tt,ni,pri,stat,args'
alias psg='pgrep -a'
if [[ "$MACHTYPE" == *-linux-* ]]; then
# GNU ps supports `k` and `--sort`
psr() { psa k-pcpu "$@" | pager; }
psm() { psa k-rss "$@" | pager; }
# BSD ps supports `-r` and `-m`
psr() { psa -r "$@" | pager; }
psm() { psa -m "$@" | pager; }
# pstree
alias pst='pstree'
# htop/nmon
alias nmon='NMON=dln- nmon'
### Documentation
alias info='info --vi-keys'
### Switch User
alias s='sudo --set-home'; TCOMP sudo s
alias xsu='exec su'; TCOMP su xsu
### Network
# ip
alias a='ip addr'
alias 4='ip -4'
alias 6='ip -6'
# ifconfig
alias ic='ifconfig'
# netctl
HAVE netctl && {
net() {
if (($#)); then
netctl "$@"
netctl list
}; TCOMP netctl net
# cURL/wget
TCOMP curl get
TCOMP wget dl
# netcat
HAVE ncat && {
complete -p ncat &>/dev/null || complete -F _known_hosts ncat
# ssh scp
alias ssh-password='ssh -o "PreferredAuthentications password"'; TCOMP ssh ssh-password
alias ssh-remove-host='ssh-keygen -R'; complete -F _known_hosts ssh-remove-host
alias ssh-pubkey='ssh-keygen -y -f'
alias scpr='scp -r'; TCOMP scp scpr
# lsof
alias lsof='lsof +c0 -Pwn +fg'
alias lsif='lsof -i'
alias lsifr='command lsof +c0 -Pwi +fg'
alias lsifudp='lsif | grep UDP'
alias lsiflisten='lsif | grep --word-regexp "LISTEN\|UDP"'
alias lsifconnect='lsif | grep -- "->"'
alias lsifconnectr='lsifr | grep -- "->"'
alias lsuf='lsof -U'
# ngrep
alias ngg='ngrep -c 0 -d any -l -q -P "" -W byline'
# Weechat
if ((EUID > 0)) && HAVE weechat; then
alias irc='(cd ~/.weechat && exec weechat)'
# dnscrypt-proxy
alias dnscrypt='dnscrypt-proxy -config /etc/dnscrypt-proxy/dnscrypt-proxy.toml'
### Firewalls
# iptables
alias iptables.script='/etc/iptables.script'
alias iptw='ipt --wait'; complete -F _longopt iptw
complete -F _longopt ipt
### Editors
# Vim
HAVE vim && {
alias v='vim -c "set nomodified" -'
# Param: [$@] Arguments to `ff()`
vimfind() {
local files=()
if (($#)); then
IFS=$'\n' files=($(ff "$@" 2>/dev/null))
if (( ${#files[@]} )); then
vim "${files[@]}"
vim -c 'FZF!'
}; TCOMP find vimfind
# Vim-ManPage
alias mman='command man'; TCOMP man mman
man() {
local i sec page pages=0 args=()
for ((i=1; i<=$#; ++i)); do
if [[ "$page" == +([0-9]) ]]; then
command man --where "$page" || continue
if ((pages++)); then
args+=(-c "tabedit | OMan $sec $page")
args+=(-c "OMan $sec $page")
(( ${#args[@]} )) && run vim "${args[@]}"
# XtermColorTable
alias xtermcolortable='vim -c OXtermColorTable'
alias vimautocommands='vim "$cdhaus/etc/vim/local/autocommands.vim" -c "lcd \$cdhaus"'
alias vimabook='vim ~/.abook/addressbook -c "lcd ~/.abook"'
alias vimbashinteractive='vim "$cdhaus/etc/bashrc.d/interactive.bash" -c "lcd \$cdhaus"'
alias vimbashrc='vim "$cdhaus/etc/bashrc" -c "lcd \$cdhaus"'
alias vimcommands='vim "$cdhaus/etc/vim/local/commands.vim" -c "lcd \$cdhaus"'
alias vimdnsmasq='vim "/etc/dnsmasq.conf" -c "lcd /etc/"'
alias vimdnscrypt='vim "/etc/dnscrypt-proxy/dnscrypt-proxy.toml" -c "lcd /etc/"'
alias vimfstab='vim /etc/fstab'
alias vimgitexclude='vim "$(git rev-parse --show-toplevel)/.git/info/exclude"'
alias vimgitsparsecheckout='vim "$(git rev-parse --show-toplevel)/.git/info/sparse-checkout"'
alias vimbashhistory='vim ~/.cache/bash_history'
alias vimhosts='vim "/etc/hosts" -c "lcd /etc/"'
alias vimiptables='vim "/etc/iptables.script" -c "lcd /etc/"'
alias vimipset='vim "/etc/ipset.conf" -c "lcd /etc/"'
alias vimmappings='vim "$cdhaus/etc/vim/local/mappings.vim" -c "lcd \$cdhaus"'
alias vimmuttrc='vim "$cdhaus/etc/_mutt/muttrc" -c "lcd \$cdhaus"'
alias vimnginx='vim "$cdnginx/nginx.conf" -c "lcd \$cdnginx"'
alias vimorg='vim -c Org!'
alias vimpacman='vim "/etc/pacman.conf" -c "lcd /etc/"'
alias vimhausrakefile='vim "$cdhaus/Rakefile" -c "lcd \$cdhaus"'
alias vimscratch='vim -c Scratch'
alias vimsshconfig='vim "/etc/ssh/ssh_config" -c "lcd /etc/"'
alias vimtodo='vim -c "Org! TODO"'
alias vimtmux='vim "$cdhaus/etc/tmux.conf" -c "lcd \$cdhaus"'
alias vimunicode='vim "$cdhaus/share/doc/unicode-table.txt" -c "lcd \$cdhaus"'
alias vimrc='vim "$cdhaus/etc/vimrc" -c "lcd \$cdhaus"'
alias vimwm='vim -O "$cdhaus/etc/_config/sxhkd/sxhkdrc" "$cdhaus/etc/_config/bspwm/bspwmrc" -c "lcd \$cdhaus"'
alias vimwireguard='vim "/etc/wireguard/wg0.conf" -c "lcd /etc/"'
alias vimxinitrc='vim "$cdhaus/etc/xinitrc" -c "lcd \$cdhaus"'
alias vimxdefaults='vim "$cdhaus/etc/Xdefaults" -c "lcd \$cdhaus"'
### Terminal Multiplexers
# Tmux
alias xtmuxlaunch='exec tmuxlaunch'
tmuxeval() {
local vars=$(sed "s:^:export :g" <(tmux show-environment | grep --extended-regexp "^[A-Z_]+=[a-zA-Z0-9/.-]+$"))
echo "$vars"
eval "$vars"
# GNU screen
HAVE screen && {
alias screenr='screen -R'
alias xscreenr='exec screen -R'; TCOMP screen xscreenr
### Compilers
# gcc
alias gccas='gcc -S -masm=intel'
# make
alias mk='make'
alias mkinstall='make install'
alias mkj='make --jobs=$(grep --count ^processor /proc/cpuinfo)'
alias mke='make --environment-overrides'
alias mkej='mkj --environment-overrides'
alias mkb='make --always-make'
alias mkbj='mkj --always-make'
# golang
HAVE go && {
goget() { run go get -u -v "$@"; }
gobuild() { run go build -i -v "$@"; }
goassemble() { go build -v -gcflags=-S "$@" 2>&1 | ruby -e 'puts ${\(#{Regexp.escape Dir.pwd}/}, %q{(})'; }
gooptimizations() { run go build -v -gcflags='-m -d=ssa/check_bce' "$@"; }
goinstall() { run go install -v "$@"; }
gotest() { run go test -tags test -run="${1:-.}" "${@:2}"; }
gorace() { run go test -tags test -race -run="${1:-.}" "${@:2}"; }
gobenchprof() { run go test -run=NONE -bench="${1:-.}" -benchmem "${@:2}"; }
gogen() { run go generate -v "$@"; }
golistfiles() { run go list -f "{{.GoFiles}}" -tags "$1" "${@:2}"; }
golistimports() { run go list -f '{{.Imports}}' -tags "$1" "${@:2}"; }
godocserver() { run godoc -http="$((0xD0C))"; }
gopprof() { run rlwrap go tool pprof -http="$((0xD0C))" "$@"; }
# rust
HAVE cargo && {
alias ca='cargo' && TCOMP cargo ca
alias cabuild='cargo build'
alias carelease='cargo build --release'
alias carun='cargo run'
### Debuggers
alias gdbrun='gdb -ex=run --args'
### SCM
# diff patch
alias di='diff --unified=3'
alias diw='di --ignore-all-space'
alias dir='di --recursive'
alias diq='di --brief'
alias dirq='dir --brief'
alias dwd="ruby -e 'exec *(\$stdout.tty? ? %w[dwdiff --color] : %w[dwdiff --diff-input --color]) + ARGV'"
alias patch='patch --version-control never'
# git
HAVE git && {
REQUIRE ~/.bashrc.d/
gitps1() {
__ps1toggle__ '/\\w/\\w\$(__git_ps1 \"\\[\\033[3m\\]%s\\[\\033[23m\\]\")'
}; gitps1
### Time
type -P time &>/dev/null && {
alias T='command time -f "\nCPU: %e (%S/%U/%P)\nMEM: %t kB avg, %M max kB\nIO: %I fsin, %O fsout, %r sockin, %s sockout, %k signals, %x exit"'
TCOMP exec T
alias DATE="date '+%Y-%m-%d'"
alias TIME="date '+%H:%M:%S'"
alias DATETIME="date '+%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S'"
### Ruby
CD_FUNC -e cdruby "ruby -r mkmf -e \"puts RbConfig::CONFIG['rubylibdir']\""
CD_FUNC -e cdgems "ruby -e \"puts ([Gem.user_dir, Gem.dir].find { |d| d } + '/gems')\""
# Rake
rk() {
if [[ -x bin/bundle ]]; then
run bin/bundle exec rake "$@"
run rake "$@"
}; TCOMP rake rk
# Bundler
b() {
if [[ -z "$BUNDLE_JOBS" ]]; then
BUNDLE_JOBS=$(grep --count ^processor /proc/cpuinfo)
if [[ -x bin/bundle ]]; then
BUNDLE_JOBS="$BUNDLE_JOBS" run bin/bundle "$@"
BUNDLE_JOBS="$BUNDLE_JOBS" run bundle "$@"
alias bx='b exec'
### JavaScript
# Yarn
alias y='yarn'
### Databases
HAVE psql && {
alias aspostgres='sudo --set-home --login --user postgres'; TCOMP sudo aspostgres
alias initpostgres="aspostgres initdb --locale en_US.UTF-8 -E UTF-8 -D \"$cdpostgres/data\""
### Containers
HAVE docker && {
alias d='docker'; TCOMP docker d
dps() { docker ps --format "{{.ID}}\t{{.Names}}\t{{.State}}\t{{.Ports}}\t{{.Networks}}\t{{.Image}}\t{{.Labels}}" "$@" | table -s $'\t' | pager; }
alias drun='docker run --rm --interactive --tty'
dstop() { local cs=(); IFS=$'\n' cs=($(docker container ps --format '{{.Names}}' | grep "$1")); run docker stop "${cs[@]}"; }
dnetworkaddresses() { docker network inspect $(docker network ls --format '{{.ID}}') | jq 'map({(.Name): (.Containers | map({(.Name): .IPv4Address}) | add)}) | add'; }
alias dc='docker-compose'; TCOMP docker-compose dc
alias dcx='docker-compose exec'
### Hardware control
alias mp='modprobe --all'; TCOMP modprobe mp
alias trim='fstrim --all --verbose'
HAVE rfkill && {
alias rfk='rfkill'; TCOMP rfkill rfk
alias rfdisable='run rfkill block all'
alias rfenable='run rfkill unblock all'
HAVE hdparm && {
hdpowerstatus() { hdparm -C $(lsdisk); }
alias hdstandby='hdparm -y'; complete -F __lsdisk__ hdstandby
alias hdsleep='hdparm -Y'; complete -F __lsdisk__ hdsleep
### Encryption
# GnuPG
# HACK: This allows us to define a default encrypt-to in gpg.conf for
# applications like mutt
alias gpg='gpg --no-encrypt-to'
alias gpgverify='gpg --verify-files'
gpgsign() {
local f
for f in "$@"; do
gpg --detach-sign "$f"
alias gpgkilldaemons='run gpgconf --kill all'
alias gpgupdatestartuptty='run gpg-connect-agent updatestartuptty /bye'
# pass
passl() { pass "$@" | pager; }; TCOMP pass passl
passnew() { pass insert --force --multiline "$1" < <(genpw "${@:2}") &>/dev/null; pass "$1"; }; TCOMP pass passnew
passnewclip() { passnew "$@" | clip; }; TCOMP pass passnewclip
TCOMP pass passclip
TCOMP pass passqrshow
# cryptsetup
TCOMP umount csumount
alias csdump='cryptsetup luksDump'; complete -F __partitions__ csdump
### Package Managers
# Rubygems
HAVE gem && {
alias gemi='run gem install'
alias gemr='run gem uninstall'
alias gems='run gem search --remote'
alias gemg='gem list | g'
alias gemq='run gem specification --remote'
# alias gemsync=
alias gemupgrade='run gem update'
alias gemoutdated='run gem outdated'
# Aptitude
HAVE apt && {
alias apti='run apt install'
alias aptr='run apt remove'
alias apts='run apt search'
alias aptg='run dpkg --list | g'
aptq() {
local pkg
for pkg in "$@"; do
apt show "$pkg"
dpkg --listfiles "$pkg"
alias aptsync='run apt update'
alias aptupgrade='run apt update; run apt full-upgrade'
alias aptoutdated='run apt list --upgradable'
alias aptclean='run apt-get autoclean; run apt-get --yes autoremove'
# alias aptforeign=
alias aptlog='pager /var/log/apt/history.log'
alias aptowner='run dpkg --search'
# Pacman
HAVE pacman && {
alias pac='pacman'; TCOMP pacman pac
alias paci='run pacman --sync --needed'; complete -F __pacman_sync__ paci
alias pacidep='run pacman --sync --needed --asdeps'; complete -F __pacman_sync__ pacidep
alias pacr='run pacman --remove --recursive'; complete -F __pacman_pkgs__ pacr
alias pacs='run pacman --sync --search'; complete -F __pacman_sync__ pacs
alias pacg='run pacman --query --search'; complete -F __pacman_pkgs__ pacg
pacq() {
local pkg
for pkg in "$@"; do
if pacman --query --info "$pkg"; then
pactree --reverse "$pkg"; echo
pacman --query --list "$pkg"; echo
pacman --sync --info "$pkg"
done 2>/dev/null | pager
}; complete -F __pacman_pkgs__ pacq
alias pacsync='run pacman --sync --refresh'
alias pacupgrade='run pacman --sync --refresh --sysupgrade'
alias pacoutdated='run pacman --query --upgrades; run pacckalts; run pacforeign --upgrades'
alias pacclean='run pacman --sync --clean --noconfirm'
alias pacorphans='run pacman --query --deps --unrequired'
alias paclog='pager /var/log/pacman.log'
alias pacowner='run pacman --query --owns'
alias packey='pacman-key'; TCOMP pacman-key packey
alias mkp='makepkg'; __longopt__ mkp
alias mkpf='makepkg --force'; __longopt__ mkpf
alias mkpo='makepkg --nobuild'; __longopt__ mkpo
TCOMP find pacfindunknown
complete -F _filedir_xspec pacinstallfile
complete -F __pacdowngrade__ pacdowngrade
# dnf
HAVE dnf && {
alias dnfi='run dnf install'
alias dnfr='run dnf remove'
alias dnfs='run dnf search'
alias dnfg='rpm --query --all | g'
dnfq() {
local pkg
for pkg in "$@"; do
dnf info "$pkg" && dnf repoquery -l "$pkg"
done 2>/dev/null | pager
# dnfsync
alias dnfupgrade='run dnf upgrade'
alias dnfoutdated='run dnf check-update'
alias dnfclean='run dnf clean all'
### Media
# Imagemagick
alias geom='identify -format "%wx%h %f\n"'
# feh
HAVE feh && {
alias fshow='feh --sort=dirname --recursive'; TCOMP feh fshow
alias frand='feh --sort=dirname --recursive --randomize'; TCOMP feh frand
alias ftime='feh --sort mtime'; TCOMP feh ftime
alias fmove='fehmove'
alias fcopy='fehmove --copy'
# youtube-dl
TCOMP youtube-dl yt
TCOMP youtube-dl yt1080
TCOMP youtube-dl ytv
TCOMP youtube-dl ytx
### X
HAVE startx && alias xstartx='exec startx &>/dev/null'
### TTY
alias rl='rlwrap'; TCOMP exec rl
### Init
if HAVE systemctl; then
alias sc='systemctl'; TCOMP systemctl sc
alias scu='systemctl --user'; TCOMP systemctl scu
alias jc='journalctl'; TCOMP journalctl jc
alias jcu='journalctl --user'; TCOMP journalctl jcu
alias jcb='journalctl --boot'; TCOMP journalctl jcb
alias jce='journalctl --pager-end'; TCOMP journalctl jce
alias jcf='journalctl --follow'; TCOMP journalctl jcf
alias jcs='journalctl --since'
alias jcverify='journalctl --verify'; TCOMP journalctl jcverify
alias mc='machinectl'; TCOMP machinectl mc
alias sctimers='systemctl list-timers'
alias scunitfiles='systemctl list-unit-files'
alias scrunning='systemctl list-units --state=running'
alias scdaemonreload='systemctl --system daemon-reload'
alias scedit='systemctl edit --full'; complete -F __systemd_units__ scedit
alias scdelta='systemd-delta'
RC_FUNC rcd /etc/{rc,init}.d /usr/local/etc/{rc,init}.d
### GUI programs
alias kf='kupfer'
: # Return true