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### POSIX shell options.
# diff -U3 <(bash --norc --noprofile -ilc "set -o" 2>/dev/null) <(bash -ilc "set -o" 2>/dev/null)
set +o allexport
set -o braceexpand
set -o emacs
set +o errexit
set +o errtrace
set +o functrace
set -o hashall
set -o histexpand
#set -o history # DO NOT SET HERE!
set +o ignoreeof
set -o interactive-comments
set +o keyword
set -o monitor
set +o noclobber
set +o noexec
set +o noglob
set +o nolog
set -o notify # ✔ Report the status of terminated background jobs immediately
set +o nounset
set +o onecmd
set +o physical
set +o pipefail
set +o posix
set +o privileged
set +o verbose
set +o vi
#set +o xtrace # DO NOT SET HERE!
### Bash shell options.
# diff -U3 <(bash --norc --noprofile -ilc shopt 2>/dev/null) <(bash -ilc shopt 2>/dev/null)
shopt -s autocd # ✔ a command name that is the name of a directory is executed as if it were the argument to the cd command
shopt -u cdable_vars
shopt -s cdspell # ✔ minor errors in the spelling of a directory component in a cd command will be corrected
shopt -s checkhash # ✔ bash checks that a command found in the hash table exists before trying to execute it
shopt -s checkjobs # ✔ bash lists the status of any stopped and running jobs before exiting an interactive shell
shopt -s checkwinsize # ✔ bash checks the window size after each command and, if necessary, updates the values of LINES and COLUMNS
shopt -s cmdhist
shopt -u compat31
shopt -u compat32
shopt -u compat40
shopt -u compat41
shopt -u compat42
shopt -s complete_fullquote
shopt -s direxpand # ✔ bash replaces directory names with the results of word expansion when performing filename completion
shopt -s dirspell # ✔ bash attempts spelling correction on directory names during word completion
shopt -s dotglob # ✔ bash includes filenames beginning with a `.' in the results of pathname expansion
shopt -u execfail
shopt -s expand_aliases
shopt -u extdebug
shopt -s extglob # ✔ extended pattern matching features
shopt -s extquote
shopt -u failglob
shopt -s force_fignore
shopt -s globstar # ✔ ** used in a pathname expansion context will match all files and zero or more directories and subdirectories. If the pattern is followed by a /, only directories and subdirectories match
shopt -u gnu_errfmt
shopt -u globasciiranges
shopt -s histappend # ✔ history list is appended to the file named by the value of the HISTFILE variable when the shell exits, rather than overwriting the file
shopt -s histreedit # ✔ user is given the opportunity to re-edit a failed history substitution
shopt -s histverify # ✔ results of history substitution are not immediately passed to the shell parser
shopt -s hostcomplete # ✔ perform hostname completion when a word containing a @ is being completed
shopt -u huponexit
shopt -s interactive_comments
shopt -u lastpipe
shopt -u lithist
#shopt -u login_shell # DO NOT SET HERE!
shopt -u mailwarn
shopt -s no_empty_cmd_completion # ✔ bash will not attempt to search the PATH for possible completions when completion is attempted on an empty line
shopt -u nocaseglob
shopt -u nocasematch
shopt -u nullglob
shopt -s progcomp
shopt -s promptvars
#shopt -u restricted_shell # DO NOT SET HERE!
shopt -u shift_verbose
shopt -s sourcepath
shopt -u xpg_echo
} 2>/dev/null