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guns committed Sep 13, 2013
1 parent 2e62be4 commit 868542390fb40f847adebf6c61b08729a1d50a26
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@@ -1,3 +1,12 @@
+This project is no longer under active development. For alternatives
+take a look at the [Alternative Plugins][] section below. Or check out
+the actively developed forks of this project:
+[wookiehangover/jshint.vim][] and [FuDesign2008/jslint.vim][].
+[Alternative Plugins]: #alternative-plugins
@@ -107,6 +116,11 @@ Once an error is fixed the corresponding quickfix line will disappear.
Alternative Plugins
+[Syntastic][] supports syntax checking for a number of languages,
+including JavaScript via jshint or JSLint.
There are other plugins for Vim that integrate [JavaScript Lint][]. JavaScript
Lint is another JavaScript checker that is similar to JSLint.
@@ -150,6 +164,10 @@ Credits
- Trent Mick -- Feature to ignore #! lines for compatibility with shell scripts
- Christopher Sexton -- Fixed errors in MacVim on Lion and Snow Leopard
- Brian Donovan -- Fix for non-POSIX shells
+- guileen (Lin Gui) -- Prefer node over jsc on Mac OS
+- daethorian (Lowe Thiderman) -- Fix for error in updated spidermonkey
+ version
+- afairley -- Check for `nodejs` executable if `node` is not present

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