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;; Authors: Sung Pae <>
;; Joel Holdbrooks <>
(ns vim-clojure-static.generate
(:require [ :as io]
[ :refer [sh]]
[clojure.set :as set]
[clojure.string :as string]
[frak :as f])
(:import (clojure.lang MultiFn)
(java.lang Character$UnicodeBlock Character$UnicodeScript)
(java.lang.reflect Field)
(java.text SimpleDateFormat)
(java.util Date)
(java.util.regex Pattern Pattern$CharPropertyNames UnicodeProp)))
;; Helpers
(defn- vim-frak-pattern
"Create a non-capturing regular expression pattern compatible with Vim."
(-> (f/string-pattern strs {:escape-chars :vim})
(string/replace #"\(\?:" "\\%\\(")))
(defn- property-pattern
"Vimscript very magic pattern for a character property class."
([s] (property-pattern s true))
([s braces?]
(if braces?
(format "\\v\\\\[pP]\\{%s\\}" s)
(format "\\v\\\\[pP]%s" s))))
(defn- syntax-match-properties
"Vimscript literal `syntax match` for a character property class."
([group fmt props] (syntax-match-properties group fmt props true))
([group fmt props braces?]
(format "syntax match %s \"%s\" contained display\n"
(name group)
(property-pattern (format fmt (vim-frak-pattern props)) braces?))))
(defn- get-private-field
"Violate encapsulation and get the value of a private field."
[^Class cls fieldname]
(let [^Field field (first (filter #(= fieldname (.getName ^Field %))
(.getDeclaredFields cls)))]
(.setAccessible field true)
(.get field field)))
(defn- fn-var? [v]
(let [f @v]
(or (contains? (meta v) :arglists)
(fn? f)
(instance? MultiFn f))))
(defn- inner-class-name [^Class cls]
(string/replace (.getName cls) #".*\$(.+)" "$1"))
(defn- map-keyword-names [coll]
(fn [v x]
;; Include fully qualified versions of core vars for matching vars in
;; macroexpanded forms
(cond (symbol? x) (if-let [m (meta (resolve x))]
(conj v
(str (:name m))
(str (:ns m) \/ (:name m)))
(conj v (str x)))
(nil? x) (conj v "nil")
:else (conj v (str x))))
[] coll))
(defn- vim-top-cluster
"Generate a Vimscript literal `syntax cluster` statement for `groups` and
all top-level syntax groups in the given syntax buffer."
[groups syntax-buf]
(->> syntax-buf
(re-seq #"syntax\s+(?:keyword|match|region)\s+(\S+)(?!.*\bcontained\b)")
(map peek)
(concat groups)
(string/join \,)
(format "syntax cluster clojureTop contains=@Spell,%s\n")))
;; Definitions
(def generation-comment
"\" Generated from\n")
(def clojure-version-comment
(format "\" Clojure version %s\n" (clojure-version)))
(def java-version-comment
(format "\" Java version %s\n" (System/getProperty "java.version")))
(def special-forms
'#{def if do let quote var fn loop recur throw try catch finally
monitor-enter monitor-exit . new set!})
(def keyword-groups
"Special forms, constants, and every public var in clojure.core keyed by
syntax group name."
(let [exceptions '#{throw try catch finally}
builtins {"clojureConstant" '#{nil}
"clojureBoolean" '#{true false}
"clojureSpecial" (apply disj special-forms exceptions)
"clojureException" exceptions
"clojureCond" '#{case cond cond-> cond->> condp if-let
if-not if-some when when-first when-let
when-not when-some}
;; Imperative looping constructs (not sequence functions)
"clojureRepeat" '#{doseq dotimes while}}
coresyms (set/difference (set (keys (ns-publics 'clojure.core)))
(set (mapcat peek builtins)))
group-preds [["clojureDefine" #(re-seq #"\Adef(?!ault)" (str %))]
["clojureMacro" #(:macro (meta (ns-resolve 'clojure.core %)))]
["clojureFunc" #(fn-var? (ns-resolve 'clojure.core %))]
["clojureVariable" identity]]]
(fn [[m syms] [group pred]]
(let [group-syms (set (filterv pred syms))]
[(assoc m group group-syms)
(set/difference syms group-syms)]))
[builtins coresyms] group-preds))))
(def character-properties
"Character property names derived via reflection."
(let [props (->> (get-private-field Pattern$CharPropertyNames "map")
(mapv (fn [[prop field]] [(inner-class-name (class field)) prop]))
(group-by first)
(reduce-kv (fn [m k v] (assoc m k (mapv peek v))) {}))
binary (concat (map #(.name ^UnicodeProp %) (get-private-field UnicodeProp "$VALUES"))
(keys (get-private-field UnicodeProp "aliases")))
script (concat (map #(.name ^Character$UnicodeScript %) (Character$UnicodeScript/values))
(keys (get-private-field Character$UnicodeScript "aliases")))
block (keys (get-private-field Character$UnicodeBlock "map"))]
;; * The keys "1"…"5" reflect the order of CharPropertyFactory
;; declarations in!
;; * The "L1" (Latin-1) category is not defined by Unicode and exists
;; merely as an alias for the first 8 bits of code points.
;; * The "all" category is the Unicode "Any" category by a different name,
;; and thus excluded.
{:posix (disj (set (mapcat (partial get props) ["2" "3"])) "L1")
:java (set (get props "4"))
:binary (set binary)
:category (set (get props "1"))
:script (set script)
:block (set block)}))
(def lispwords
"Specially indented symbols in clojure.core and clojure.test. The following
commit message (tag `lispwords-guidelines`) outlines a convention:
commit c2920f43191ae48084cea2c641a42ca8d34381f5
Author: guns <>
Date: Sat Jan 26 06:53:14 2013 -0600
Update lispwords
Besides expanding the definitions into an easily maintainable style, we
update the set of words for Clojure 1.5 using a simple rule:
A function should only be indented specially if its first argument
is special.
This generally includes:
* Definitions
* Binding forms
* Constructs that branch from a predicate
What it does not include are functions/macros that accept a flat list of
arguments (arglist: [& body]). Omissions include:
clojure.core/dosync [& exprs]
clojure.core/future [& body]
clojure.core/gen-class [& options]
clojure.core/gen-interface [& options]
clojure.core/with-out-str [& body]
Also added some symbols from clojure.test, since this namespace is
present in many projects.
Interestingly, clojure-mode.el includes \"assoc\" and \"struct-map\" in the
special indent list, which makes a good deal of sense:
(assoc my-map
:foo \"foo\"
:bar \"bar\")
If we were to include this in lispwords, the following functions/macros
should also be considered since they also take optional key value pairs
at the end of the arglist:
clojure.core/agent [state & options]
clojure.core/assoc … [map key val & kvs]
clojure.core/assoc! … [coll key val & kvs]
clojure.core/atom … [x & options]
clojure.core/ref [x] [x & options]
clojure.core/refer [ns-sym & filters]
clojure.core/restart-agent [a new-state & options]
clojure.core/slurp [f & opts]
clojure.core/sorted-map-by [comparator & keyvals]
clojure.core/spit [f content & options]
clojure.core/struct-map [s & inits]"
;; Definitions
'#{bound-fn def definline definterface defmacro defmethod defmulti defn
defn- defonce defprotocol defrecord defstruct deftest deftest- deftype
extend extend-protocol extend-type fn ns proxy reify set-test}
;; Binding forms
'#{as-> binding doseq dotimes doto for if-let if-some let letfn locking
loop testing when-first when-let when-some with-bindings with-in-str
with-local-vars with-open with-precision with-redefs with-redefs-fn
;; Conditional branching
'#{case cond-> cond->> condp if if-not when when-not while}
;; Exception handling
;; Vimscript literals
(def vim-keywords
"Vimscript literal dictionary of important identifiers."
(->> keyword-groups
(map (fn [[group keywords]]
(->> keywords
(map pr-str)
(string/join \,)
(format "'%s': [%s]" group))))
(string/join "\n \\ , ")
(format "let s:clojure_syntax_keywords = {\n \\ %s\n \\ }\n")))
(def vim-completion-words
"Vimscript literal list of words for omnifunc completion."
(->> 'clojure.core
(concat special-forms)
(map (comp pr-str str))
(string/join \,)
(format "let s:words = [%s]\n")))
(def vim-posix-char-classes
"Vimscript literal `syntax match` for POSIX character classes."
;; `IsPosix` works, but is undefined.
(:posix character-properties)))
(def vim-java-char-classes
"Vimscript literal `syntax match` for \\p{javaMethod} property classes."
;; `IsjavaMethod` works, but is undefined.
(map #(string/replace % #"\Ajava" "") (:java character-properties))))
(def vim-unicode-binary-char-classes
"Vimscript literal `syntax match` for Unicode Binary properties."
;; Though the docs do not mention it, the property name is matched case
;; insensitively like the other Unicode properties.
(map string/lower-case (:binary character-properties))))
(def vim-unicode-category-char-classes
"Vimscript literal `syntax match` for Unicode General Category classes."
(let [cats (sort (:category character-properties))
chrs (->> (map seq cats)
(group-by first)
(map str)
;; gc= and general_category= can be case insensitive, but this is behavior
;; is undefined.
(def vim-unicode-script-char-classes
"Vimscript literal `syntax match` for Unicode Script properties."
;; Script names are matched case insensitively, but Is, sc=, and script=
;; should be matched exactly. In this case, only Is is matched exactly, but
;; this is an acceptable trade-off.
;; InScriptName works, but is undefined.
(map string/lower-case (:script character-properties))))
(def vim-unicode-block-char-classes
"Vimscript literal `syntax match` for Unicode Block properties."
;; Block names work like Script names, except the In prefix is used in place
;; of Is.
(map string/lower-case (:block character-properties))))
(def vim-lispwords
"Vimscript literal `setlocal lispwords=` statement."
(str "setlocal lispwords=" (string/join \, (sort lispwords)) "\n"))
(defn- comprehensive-clojure-character-property-regexps []
"A string representing a Clojure literal vector of regular expressions
containing all possible property character classes. For testing Vimscript
syntax matching optimizations."
(let [fmt (fn [prefix prop-key]
(let [props (map (partial format "\\p{%s%s}" prefix)
(sort (get character-properties prop-key)))]
(format "#\"%s\"" (string/join props))))]
(string/join \newline [(fmt "" :posix)
(fmt "" :java)
(fmt "Is" :binary)
(fmt "general_category=" :category)
(fmt "script=" :script)
(fmt "block=" :block)])))
;; Update functions
(def ^:private CLOJURE-SECTION
#"(?ms)^CLOJURE.*?(?=^[\p{Lu} ]+\t*\*)")
(defn- fjoin [& args]
(string/join \/ args))
(defn- qstr [& xs]
(string/replace (string/join xs) "\\" "\\\\"))
(defn- update-doc! [first-line-pattern src-file dst-file]
(let [sbuf (with-open [rdr (io/reader src-file)]
(->> rdr
(drop-while #(not (re-find first-line-pattern %)))
(string/join \newline)))
dbuf (slurp dst-file)
dmatch (re-find CLOJURE-SECTION dbuf)
hunk (re-find CLOJURE-SECTION sbuf)]
(spit dst-file (string/replace-first dbuf dmatch hunk))))
(defn- copy-runtime-files! [src dst & opts]
(let [{:keys [tag date paths]} (apply hash-map opts)]
(doseq [path paths
:let [buf (-> (fjoin src path)
(string/replace "%%RELEASE_TAG%%" tag)
(string/replace "%%RELEASE_DATE%%" date))]]
(spit (fjoin dst "runtime" path) buf))))
(defn- project-replacements [dir]
{(fjoin dir "syntax/clojure.vim")
{"-*- KEYWORDS -*-"
(qstr generation-comment
(qstr generation-comment
"-*- TOP CLUSTER -*-"
(qstr generation-comment
(vim-top-cluster (keys keyword-groups)
(slurp (fjoin dir "syntax/clojure.vim"))))}
(fjoin dir "ftplugin/clojure.vim")
{"-*- LISPWORDS -*-"
(qstr generation-comment
(fjoin dir "autoload/clojurecomplete.vim")
(qstr generation-comment
(defn- update-project!
"Update project runtime files in the given directory."
(doseq [[file replacements] (project-replacements dir)]
(doseq [[magic-comment replacement] replacements]
(let [buf (slurp file)
pat (Pattern/compile (str "(?s)\\Q" magic-comment "\\E\\n.*?\\n\\n"))
rep (str magic-comment "\n" replacement "\n")
buf' (string/replace buf pat rep)]
(if (= buf buf')
(printf "No changes: %s\n" magic-comment)
(do (printf "Updating %s\n" magic-comment)
(spit file buf')))))))
(defn- update-vim!
"Update Vim repository runtime files in dst/runtime"
[src dst]
(let [current-tag (string/trim-newline (:out (sh "git" "tag" "--points-at" "HEAD")))
current-date (.format (SimpleDateFormat. "dd MMMM YYYY") (Date.))]
(assert (seq current-tag) "Git HEAD is not tagged!")
(update-doc! #"CLOJURE\t*\*ft-clojure-indent\*"
(fjoin src "doc/clojure.txt")
(fjoin dst "runtime/doc/indent.txt"))
(update-doc! #"CLOJURE\t*\*ft-clojure-syntax\*"
(fjoin src "doc/clojure.txt")
(fjoin dst "runtime/doc/syntax.txt"))
(copy-runtime-files! src dst
:tag current-tag
:date current-date
:paths ["autoload/clojurecomplete.vim"
;; Run this to update the project files
(update-project! "..")
;; Run this to update a vim repository
(update-vim! ".." "../../vim")
;; Generate an example file with all possible character property literals.
(spit "tmp/all-char-props.clj"
;; Performance test: `syntax keyword` vs `syntax match`
1000 "tmp/bench.clj" (str keyword-groups)
;; `syntax keyword`
(->> keyword-groups
(map (fn [[group keywords]]
(format "syntax keyword clojure%s %s\n"
(string/join \space (sort (map-keyword-names keywords))))))
(map string/trim-newline)
(string/join " | "))
;; Naive `syntax match`
(->> keyword-groups
(map (fn [[group keywords]]
(format "syntax match clojure%s \"\\V\\<%s\\>\"\n"
(string/join "\\|" (map-keyword-names keywords)))))
(map string/trim-newline)
(string/join " | "))
;; Frak-optimized `syntax match`
(->> keyword-groups
(map (fn [[group keywords]]
(format "syntax match clojure%s \"\\v<%s>\"\n"
(vim-frak-pattern (map-keyword-names keywords)))))
(map string/trim-newline)
(string/join " | ")))