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WeeChat 0.4.2

* tag 'v0.4.2': (240 commits)
  Version 0.4.2
  core: fix detection of python on Cygwin (autotools)
  core: add detection of pkg-config (required on Cygwin)
  core: move the "-no-undefined" from LDFLAGS in to in plugins
  relay: fix decoding of websocket frames when there are multiple frames in a single message received (only the first one was decoded)
  core: fix display of read marker after buffer switch when there is no line displayed after (only filtered lines)
  irc: use "private" notify for welcome notices displayed in channel (like when they are displayed in server buffer)
  irc: remove target of notice (self nick) in the display of channel welcome notice (fix highlight problem)
  irc: display target of notice when it is displayed in channel
  irc: fix reconnection to server using IPv6 (bug #38819, bug #40166)
  core: replace some code by calls to function gui_chat_clrtoeol()
  core: fix spaces displayed after combining chars (bug #40115)
  core: fix typo in a french error message for /window merge
  core: clear whole line before displaying content instead of clearing after the end of content (bug #40115)
  core: update italian translations
  doc: update german auto-generated file with IRC options
  core: fix display of read marker (as horizontal line) or day change message after last buffer line when scrolling (bug #40126)
  core: fix time displayed in status bar (it was one second late) (bug #40097)
  core: fix extension (.exe) of symbolic link "weechat-curses" under Cygwin
  core: replace some calls to ncurses *printw functions by *addstr
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guns committed Oct 31, 2013
2 parents ab2b7d9 + 7785f7e commit 89306af3bae839863dc06899f5c09332868999b4
Showing 330 changed files with 38,009 additions and 15,589 deletions.
@@ -13,6 +13,7 @@
@@ -46,4 +47,4 @@ weechat.pc
@@ -21,15 +21,18 @@ Alphabetically:
* Ailin Nemui (Nei)
* Aleksey V Zapparov
* Andrew Potter
+* Antoine Pietri (seirl)
* Arvydas Sidorenko
* Benoit Papillault (benoit)
* Dmitry Kobylin
* Dominik Honnef
* Elián Hanisch (m4v)
* Elizabeth Myers (Elizacat)
+* Esteban I. Ruiz Moreno (Exio)
* Frank Zacharias
* Gu1ll4um3r0m41n
* gwenn
+* Hasan Kiran (turgay)
* Ivan Sichmann Freitas
* JD Horelick (jdhore)
* Jim Ramsay (lack)
@@ -39,6 +42,7 @@ Alphabetically:
* Kyle Fuller (kylef)
* Lázaro A.
* Marco Paolone
+* Mantas Mikulėnas (grawity)
* Mateusz Poszwa
* Nicolas Cavigneaux
* Nils Görs (nils_2)
@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ ENDIF(PREFIX)
@@ -69,8 +69,8 @@ OPTION(ENABLE_GNUTLS "Enable SSLv3/TLS support" ON)
OPTION(ENABLE_LARGEFILE "Enable Large File Support" ON)
OPTION(ENABLE_ALIAS "Enable Alias plugin" ON)
OPTION(ENABLE_ASPELL "Enable Aspell plugin" ON)
+OPTION(ENABLE_ENCHANT "Enable Enchant lib for Aspell plugin" OFF)
OPTION(ENABLE_CHARSET "Enable Charset plugin" ON)
-OPTION(ENABLE_DEMO "Enable Demo plugin" OFF)
OPTION(ENABLE_LOGGER "Enable Logger plugin" ON)
@@ -86,17 +86,27 @@ OPTION(ENABLE_LUA "Enable Lua scripting language" ON)
OPTION(ENABLE_TCL "Enable Tcl scripting language" ON)
OPTION(ENABLE_GUILE "Enable Scheme (guile) scripting language" ON)
OPTION(ENABLE_XFER "Enable Xfer plugin" ON)
-OPTION(ENABLE_DOC "Enable Documentation" ON)
+OPTION(ENABLE_MAN "Enable build of man page" OFF)
+OPTION(ENABLE_DOC "Enable build of documentation" OFF)
+# option WEECHAT_HOME
SET(WEECHAT_HOME "~/.weechat")
STRING "WeeChat home directory for config, logs, scripts.. (default is \"~/.weechat\")"
+# option CA_FILE
+ SET(CA_FILE "/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt")
+ STRING "File containing the certificate authorities (default is \"/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt\"). This is the default value of option \"\"."
@@ -158,7 +168,7 @@ SET(CPACK_SOURCE_IGNORE_FILES "/\\\\.git" "/build/" "/m4/"
"/install-sh$" "/missing$" "/intl/" "/libtool$" "/\\\\.libs/"
"/ltmain\\\\.sh$" "/\\\\.deps/" "/html/" "/html1/" "/Makefile$"
"/Makefile\\\\.in$" "stamp" "/po/.*\\\\.header$" "\\\\.gmo$" "~$" "\\\\.o$"
- "\\\\.lo$" "\\\\.a$" "\\\\.la$" "\\\\.lai$" "\\\\.Plo$" "/weechat-curses$"
+ "\\\\.lo$" "\\\\.a$" "\\\\.la$" "\\\\.lai$" "\\\\.Plo$" "/weechat$"
121 ChangeLog
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
WeeChat ChangeLog
Sébastien Helleu <>
-v0.4.1, 2013-05-20
+v0.4.2, 2013-10-06
This document lists all changes for each version.
@@ -11,6 +11,125 @@[release notes]
(file 'NEWS' in sources).
+Version 0.4.2 (2013-10-06)
+* core: clear whole line before displaying content instead of clearing after
+ the end of content (bug #40115)
+* core: fix time displayed in status bar (it was one second late) (bug #40097)
+* core: fix memory leak on unhook of a print hook (if using tags)
+* core: fix computation of columns in output of /help (take care about size of
+ time/buffer/prefix)
+* core: display day change message dynamically (do not store it as a line in
+ buffer), split option weechat.look.day_change_time_format into two options
+ weechat.look.day_change_message_{1date|2dates}, new option
+ weechat.color.chat_day_change (task #12775)
+* core: add syntax "@buffer:item" in bar items to force the buffer used when
+ displaying the bar item (task #12717)
+* core: add search of regular expression in buffer, don't reset search type on
+ a new search, select where to search (messages/prefixes), add keys in search
+ context: alt+"c" (case (in)sensitive search), tab (search in
+ messages/prefixes)
+* core: add text emphasis in messages when searching text in buffer, new
+ options: weechat.look.emphasized_attributes, weechat.color.emphasized,
+ weechat.color.emphasized_bg
+* core: fix random crash on "/buffer close" with a buffer number (or a range of
+ buffers)
+* core: optimize the removal of lines in buffers (a lot faster to clear/close
+ buffers with lot of lines)
+* core: change color format for options weechat.look.buffer_time_format and
+ weechat.look.prefix_{action|error|join|network|quit} from `${xxx}` to
+ `${color:xxx}`
+* core: add secured data (encryption of passwords or private data): add new
+ command /secure and new file sec.conf (task #7395)
+* core: rename binary and man page from "weechat-curses" to "weechat"
+ (task #11027)
+* core: disable build of doc by default, add cmake option ENABLE_MAN to compile
+ man page (off by default)
+* core: add option "-o" for command /color
+* core: fix priority of logical operators in evaluation of expression
+ (AND takes precedence over the OR) and first evaluate sub-expressions between
+ parentheses
+* core: remove gap after read marker line when there is no bar on the right
+ (bug #39548)
+* core: add CA_FILE option in cmake and configure to setup default
+ value of option (default is
+ "/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt") (task #12725)
+* core: use "/dev/null" for stdin in hook_process instead of closing stdin
+ (bug #39538)
+* core: add option "scroll_beyond_end" for command /window (task #6745)
+* core: add options weechat.look.hotlist_prefix and weechat.look.hotlist_suffix
+ (task #12730)
+* core: add option weechat.look.key_bind_safe
+* core: fix char displayed at the intersection of three windows (bug #39331)
+* core: fix crash in evaluation of expression when reading a string in hdata
+ with a NULL value (bug #39419)
+* core: fix display bugs with some UTF-8 chars that truncates messages displayed
+ (for example U+26C4) (bug #39201)
+* core: update man page and add translations (in french, german, italian, and
+ japanese)
+* core: remove extra space after empty prefix (when prefix for action, error,
+ join, network or quit is set to empty string) (bug #39218)
+* core: add option (task #12651)
+* core: add "proxy" infolist and hdata
+* core: fix random crash on mouse actions (bug #39094)
+* core: set options weechat.look.color_inactive_{buffer|window} to "on" by
+ default
+* core: add infolist "layout" and hdata "layout", "layout_buffer" and
+ "layout_window"
+* core: fix line alignment when option weechat.look.buffer_time_format is set
+ to empty string
+* api: return hashtable item pointer in functions hashtable_set and
+ hashtable_set_with_size
+* api: change type of hashtable key hash to unsigned long
+* api: add "callback_free_key" in hashtable
+* api: add support of colors with format `${color:xxx}` in function
+ string_eval_expression and command /eval
+* api: add argument "options" in function string_eval_expression, add option
+ "-c" for command /eval (to evaluate a condition)
+* api: use pointer for infolist "hook" to return only one hook
+* api: add new function strlen_screen
+* plugins: remove the demo plugin
+* aspell: fix detection of word start/end when there are apostrophes or minus
+ chars before/after word
+* aspell: rename option aspell.look.color to aspell.color.misspelled, add option
+ aspell.color.suggestions
+* aspell: add support of enchant library (patch #6858)
+* irc: fix reconnection to server using IPv6 (bug #38819, bug #40166)
+* irc: add option irc.look.notice_welcome_redirect to automatically redirect
+ channel welcome notices to the channel buffer
+* irc: replace default prefix modes "qaohvu" by the standard ones "ov" when
+ PREFIX is not sent by server (bug #39802)
+* irc: use 6697 as default port for SSL servers created with URL "ircs://"
+ (bug #39621)
+* irc: display number of ops/halfops/voices on channel join only for supported
+ modes on server (bug #39582)
+* irc: fix self nick color in server messages after nick is changed with /nick
+ (bug #39415)
+* irc: add support of wildcards in commands (de)op/halfop/voice, split IRC
+ message sent if number of nicks is greater than server MODES (from message
+ 005) (task #9221)
+* irc: add option irc.look.pv_tags
+* irc: fix error message on /invite without arguments (bug #39272)
+* irc: add support of special variables $nick/$channel/$server in commands
+ /allchan and /allserv
+* irc: add option irc.look.nick_color_hash: hash algorithm to find nick color
+ (patch #8062)
+* irc: fix multiple nicks in command /query (separated by commas): open one
+ buffer per nick
+* logger: add option "flush" for command /logger
+* lua: fix interpreter used in API functions (bug #39470)
+* relay: fix decoding of websocket frames when there are multiple frames in a
+ single message received (only the first one was decoded)
+* relay: add command "ping" in weechat protocol (task #12689)
+* relay: fix binding to an IP address (bug #39119)
+* rmodifier: add option "missing" for command /rmodifier
+* script: add info about things defined by script (like commands, options, ...)
+ in the detailed view of script (/script show)
+* scripts: add hdata with script callback
+* xfer: add option xfer.look.pv_tags
+* xfer: fix compilation on OpenBSD (bug #39071)
Version 0.4.1 (2013-05-20)
@@ -15,10 +15,10 @@ Dependencies
Following packages are *required*:
* cmake
-* ncurses
-* curl
+* libncurses
+* libcurl
* zlib
-* gcrypt
+* libgcrypt
Following packages are all optional:
@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@ Following packages are all optional:
* for spell checking: aspell
* for scripting: python, perl, ruby, lua, tcl, guile
* for building doc: asciidoc, source-highlight
+ (for man page: xsltproc, docbook-xml, docbook-xsl)
For a complete list of dependencies and versions recommended, please look at
'User's guide'.
@@ -44,4 +45,4 @@ make install (as root for installation in system directories)
For more information or installation with autotools, please look at
-'User's guide':
+'User's guide':
@@ -25,11 +25,7 @@ BUILT_SOURCES = build-config-git.h
-$(abs_top_srcdir)/ "$(abs_top_srcdir)" "$(VERSION)" config-git.h
-if DOC
-doc_dir = doc
-SUBDIRS = po $(doc_dir) intl src
+SUBDIRS = po doc intl src
EXTRA_DIST = CMakeLists.txt \
config.rpath \
@@ -39,6 +35,7 @@ EXTRA_DIST = CMakeLists.txt \
cmake/CMakeParseArguments.cmake \
cmake/FindAsciidoc.cmake \
cmake/FindAspell.cmake \
+ cmake/FindENCHANT.cmake \
cmake/FindGCRYPT.cmake \
cmake/FindGettext.cmake \
cmake/FindGnuTLS.cmake \
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