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DCM4CHEE Archive 4.x

Sources: https://github.com/dcm4che/dcm4chee-arc
Binaries: https://sourceforge.net/projects/dcm4che/files/dcm4chee-arc4
Issue Tracker: http://www.dcm4che.org/jira/browse/ARCH

DICOM Archive Java EE application running in JBoss AS 7.

This is a complete rewrite of DCM4CHEE Archive 2.x.

One major improvement to 2.x is the use of LDAP as central configuration, compliant to the DICOM Application Configuration Management Profile, specified in DICOM 2011, Part 15, Annex H.

This Alpha version supports DICOM and HL7 Services required for compliance with IHE Radiology Workflow Integration Profiles:

for IHE Actor Image Manager/Archive, including the new

for these Profiles.

Additionally it supports

  • compression/decompression of images
  • WADO URI Service
  • WADO by means of RESTful Services (WADO-RS)
  • Store Over the Web by RESTful Services (STOW-RS)
  • Query based on ID for DICOM Objects by RESTful Services (QIDO-RS)

There are still major gaps compared to the functionality of DCM4CHEE Archive 2.x:

  • no Web-interface for administration
  • no auto-routing
  • no auto-switch of storage filesystems
  • no HSM support
  • no import of HL7 ORM messages in DICOM Modality Worklist

In long term, 4.x will provide the functionality of 2.x, and there will be migration tools to upgrade existing installations of 2.x to 4.x.


After installation of Maven 3:

> mvn install -D db={db2|firebird|h2|mysql|oracle|psql|sqlserver}