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RESTful API server written in some programming languages.

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I want to know what middlewares are adapted to API server on HTTP. So I write web applications with multiple programming languages under below conditions.

  • Support JSON on HTTP interfaces.
    • JSON number must be returned as number, not string.
  • Support HTML template.
    • Use light web framework like Sinatra.
  • Support beautiful error notification with HTML for developping.
    • Use middlewares on Rack, PSGI, WSGI and Servlet layer.
  • Support profiler.
  • Support memcached cache.
  • Do unit testing.
  • Use MySQL.
    • Avoid using O/R mapper.
    • Use SQL builder instead.
    • Settings are loaded from setting file by YAML.
  • Split routing definition to multiple files.
    • For multi-person development.
  • Modern style :)
    • Handle application's dependencies.
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