A "family tree" of Berkeley EECS GSIs.
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Genealogy of EECS GSIs

This project aims to compile a "family tree" of Berkeley EECS TAs (GSIs).

As of September 29, 2017, the family tree contains over 300 people and 500 connections. Thanks to the 75+ GSIs (past and present) who contributed their genealogical data!

How to Contribute

Are you or were you a Berkeley EECS TA? If so, great! We need your help! Please send an email to allenguo@berkeley.edu containing the following information:

  1. Your full name.
  2. Your graduation year (or expected graduation year).
  3. A list where each entry is of the form "[full name] was my TA for [class] during [semester]".

Important: Don't worry if the people you list weren't your official instructor (according to Tele-BEARS or bCourses). What matters is that they were your primary TA or mentor figure for that course, and that they were an official GSI for that course during the semester you took it.

See the FAQ below for more clarifications.

Contribution FAQ

  • What if I never went to class?
    • The golden rule is that you must have considered them to be your "primary TA or mentor figure" when you took their course. If they didn't make much of an impact on your life, don't include them. If you didn't go to their discussion but they helped you a ton in office hours, include them. Use your best judgement.
  • Is it okay if my TA didn't know me personally?
    • Yes. They'll be excited to see that they made a difference even when they weren't aware of it!
  • What if I had multiple "primary TAs" for a single class?
    • That's fine, include them all!
  • Can I add students of mine?
    • Only if they were/are also TAs and you're confident that they considered you to be their "primary TA or mentor figure" when they took your course.
  • Are tutors, readers, and lab assistants allowed?
    • Generally, no—unless they were so involved in the course that they were de facto TAs (which is rare).
  • Does it matter if they were undergrads or grad students?
    • Either is fine.
  • Can I make a pull request to submit my info instead of sending an email?
    • Sure! The file to edit is data/data.yaml. You can debug your contributions by cloning your fork onto your computer and starting a server (e.g. Python's SimpleHTTPServer) in the root project directory (genealogy/). Then view the page in your web browser. Make sure there are no JavaScript errors!

General FAQ

These are questions about the project as a whole.

  • Where do I send suggestions, comments, and bug reports?
    • Please make an issue. Or, if you're down to get your hands dirty, fork this repo and make a pull request. Thanks!
  • Is this project officially affiliated with—
    • No.
  • Isn't this really more of a graph instead of a tree?
    • Yes.

Project To-Do

  • Make a "ancestry view" that shows the direct ancestry of a single person.
  • Find some way to use the "graduation year" data field. Maybe color nodes by age/generation?
  • Long term: Find an official EECS organization (like HKN, UPE, etc.) to host this website.

Privacy Policy and Credits

This project uses Google Analytics to better understand user behavior. Learn more or opt out here.

This project uses Sigma for graph drawing, Bliss for cleaner JavaScript, and Awesomplete for autocomplete.