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Trains and evaluates a 3D CNN on ModelNet10.
See below for usage.
import sys
import numpy as np
import keras
from keras.models import Sequential
from keras.layers import Dense, Flatten, Reshape
from keras.layers.convolutional import Conv3D
from sklearn.metrics import accuracy_score, confusion_matrix
from sklearn.utils import shuffle
# Parse arguments
if len(sys.argv) != 3:
print('Usage: python <modelnet-npz-file> <logs-dir>')
modelnet_file, log_dir = sys.argv[1:]
# Load the data
data = np.load(modelnet_file)
X, Y = shuffle(data['X_train'], data['y_train'])
X_test, Y_test = shuffle(data['X_test'], data['y_test'])
# One-hot encode training targets
Y = keras.utils.to_categorical(Y, num_classes=10)
# Build the network
model = Sequential()
model.add(Reshape((30, 30, 30, 1), input_shape=(30, 30, 30))) # 1 in-channel
model.add(Conv3D(16, 6, strides=2, activation='relu'))
model.add(Conv3D(64, 5, strides=2, activation='relu'))
model.add(Conv3D(64, 5, strides=2, activation='relu'))
model.add(Dense(10, activation='softmax'))
# Train
optimizer=keras.optimizers.Adam(lr=1e-4)), Y, batch_size=256, epochs=30, verbose=2,
validation_split=0.2, shuffle=True)
# Show test accuracy
Y_test_pred = np.argmax(model.predict(X_test), axis=1)
print('Test accuracy: {:.3f}'.format(accuracy_score(Y_test, Y_test_pred)))
# Show confusion matrix and average per-class accuracy
conf = confusion_matrix(Y_test, Y_test_pred)
avg_per_class_acc = np.mean(np.diagonal(conf) / np.sum(conf, axis=1))
print('Confusion matrix:\n{}'.format(conf))
print('Average per-class accuracy: {:.3f}'.format(avg_per_class_acc))