sample of customized service on Android platform(Java&native)
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this is just a sample for learning service manager on Android platform,
you can copy/distribute/use it at anywhere, BUT at your own RISK!

source code is based on Android Jelly Bean 4.1

1. how to run it?
put "customized_service" folder with all the things in it under your AOSP source tree
eg. just here /path/to/asop/frameworks/base/

add following snippet to /path/to/asop/system/core/rootdir/init.rc 
service customized /system/bin/customizedserver
    class main
    user media
    group audio camera

add privilege for your service
{ AID_MEDIA, "test.customized" },
just add this item to allowed list in

then the user 'media' has previlege to start a service 'test.customized' when system started.
also you can use 'root' or 'system' user for your service, that fine, and in that way you do
not need to add privilege for your service.

for what is AID_MEDIA, you can check this file(private/android_filesystem_config.h) for detail.

build your ROM and flash it into your device or just launch with emulator.

use 'ps' and 'service list' to check the process and service is okay or not.
if it is okay, go on.

build apk from 'and-customized-service-client', and install it.

just try it, enjoy your customized service.