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#! /usr/bin/env python
# " " this is a little program\
# written by Hai Guo to backup his blog\
# mail-tool is mailx, you can install it by command\
# 'yum -y install mail'
# " "
import os
import sys
import datetime
def nameGenerator(prefix, postfix):
filename = prefix + str(datetime.datetime.utcnow().strftime("%Y%m%d%H%MZ")) + postfix
return filename
def checkFileSize(fileName):
statinfo = os.stat(fileName)
return statinfo.st_size
sqlDataName = nameGenerator('wp_guoh_db_', '.sql')
wpAppName = nameGenerator('wp_', '.tar.gz')
# 1. dump the sql data
os.system('mysqldump -h localhost -u wp_guoh_user -p\"MY_PASSWD\" --databases wp_guoh_db > ' + sqlDataName)
# check if data-dump has been performed successfully
sqlFileSize = checkFileSize(sqlDataName)
if sqlFileSize < 1024L * 1024 * 5: # threshold we use to roughly tell if file is okay
# send a mail to me and quit this program
# tell admin to handle this issue and clear unused files by hand
os.system('echo "Go and do your job now" | mailx -s "WP_Backup_{0} failed. IMPORTANT!" MY_MAIL_BOX'.format(wpAppName[3:-7]))
# 2. compress the sql data quitely, for debug purpose you can add 'v' option
os.system('tar -zcf {0} {1}'.format(sqlDataName[0:-4] + '.tar.gz', sqlDataName)) #[0:-4] means cutting off '.sql'
# 3. compress the blog program quitely, for debug purpose you can add 'v' option
os.system('tar -zcPf {0} {1}'.format(wpAppName, 'ABSOLUTE_PATH_TO_MY_DATA_FOLDER'))
# 4. send data to my mail box
os.system('echo "WP backup" | mailx -s "WP_Backup {0}" -a {1} -a {2}'.format(wpAppName[3:-7], wpAppName, sqlDataName[0:-4] + '.tar.gz'))
# 5. clear unused files
os.system('rm {0}'.format(sqlDataName))