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Envrioment requirments

  • VirtualBox v5.1.0
  • Vagrant v1.9.2

Vagrant will create a Ubuntu 14 instance and install Ruby 2.3.1 with Jekyll.


  1. install VirtualBox v5.1.0
  2. install Vagrant v1.9.2
  3. open command line: cd c:/tmp
  4. git clone
  5. cd jekyll-vagrant
  6. vagrant up, it may take few minutes to start the VM. it'll download a Ubuntu 14 to your PC during first time run.
  7. ssh vagrant@localhost -p 2222 with vagrant/vagrant and execute:
  cd /vagrant  # /vagrant is the share folder pointing to folder jekyll-vagrant in the host. 
  jekyll new my-awesome-site
  cd my-awesome-site
  bundle exec jekyll serve --host
  1. access your jekyll web app from host:
  2. config & customize your local Jekyll project: c:/tmp/vagrant/my-awesone-site

issues encountered

  • Latest VirtualBox 1.5.16 doesn't work well with Vagrant 1.9.2 and the latest ubuntu/trusty64(v20170307.0.1)

    fixed by isntalling VirtualBox 1.5.1

  • Ubuntu apt-get provides 1.9.3, but Jekyll requires 2.0

    fixed by adding

  • user vagrant cannot install gem: permission required

    fixed by adding sudo usermod -a -G rvm vagrant

  • cannot access Jekyll website via the forwarded port:

    $ curl -v
    curl: (56) Recv failure: Connection was reset

    fixed by setting host: bundle exec jekyll serve --host

Jekyll Notes

if you need to specify Jekyll environment , use export to set on your VM:

 export JEKYLL_ENV=development
 export JEKYLL_ENV=production