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#! /usr/bin/env python
# Download from
# See for details
"""A wrapper for the Yahoo! Finance YQL api."""
import sys
import httplib
import urllib
import json
DATATABLES_URL = 'store://'
RSS_URL = ''
FINANCE_TABLES = {'quotes': '',
'options': '',
'quoteslist': '',
'sectors': '',
'industry': ''}
def execute_yql_query(yql):
"""Returns the JSON response of the given YQL query. """
conn = httplib.HTTPConnection('')
query_string = urllib.urlencode({
'q': yql,
'format': 'json',
conn.request('GET', PUBLIC_API_URL + '?' + query_string)
return json.loads(conn.getresponse().read())
class QueryError(Exception):
"""Exception that's raised when YQL query execution fails. """
class NoResultsError(Exception):
"""Exception that's raised when the YQL response contains an empty
def __format_symbol_list(symbols):
return ",".join(["\"" + symbol + "\"" for symbol in symbols])
def __is_valid_response(response):
return ('query' in response
and 'results' in response['query']
and 'error' not in response)
def __validate_response(response, tag):
if not __is_valid_response(response):
if 'error' in response:
raise QueryError('YQL query failed with error: "%s".'
% response['error']['description'])
raise QueryError('YQL response malformed.')
elif (response['query']['results'] is None
or tag not in response['query']['results']):
raise NoResultsError('No results found.')
return response['query']['results'][tag]
def get_current_info(symbol_list, columns='*'):
"""Retrieves the latest data (15 minute delay) for the
provided symbols."""
columns = ','.join(columns)
symbols = __format_symbol_list(symbol_list)
yql = ('select %s from %s where symbol in (%s)'
% (columns, FINANCE_TABLES['quotes'], symbols))
response = execute_yql_query(yql)
return __validate_response(response, 'quote')
def get_historical_info(symbol, from_dt=None, to_dt=None):
"""Retrieves historical stock data for the provided symbol.
Historical data includes date, open, close, high, low, volume,
and adjusted close."""
if from_dt is None or to_dt is None:
date_string = ''
date_string = ('&a=%d&b=%d&c=%d&d=%d&e=%d&f=%d&g=d&ignore=.csv' %
(from_dt.month-1,, from_dt.year,
to_dt.month-1,, to_dt.year))
yql = ('select * from csv where url="%s"'
' and columns="Date,Open,High,Low,Close,Volume,AdjClose"' %
(HISTORICAL_URL + symbol + date_string))
response = execute_yql_query(yql)
results = __validate_response(response, 'row')
# delete first row which contains column names
del results[0]
return results
def get_news_feed(symbol):
"""Retrieves the rss feed for the provided symbol."""
feed_url = RSS_URL + symbol
yql = ('select title, link, description, pubDate '
'from rss where url="%s"' % feed_url)
response = execute_yql_query(yql)
return __validate_response(response, 'item')
def get_industry_index(industry_id):
"""retrieves all symbols that belong to an industry."""
yql = ('select * from %s where id =\'%s\'' %
(FINANCE_TABLES['industry'], industry_id))
response = execute_yql_query(yql)
return __validate_response(response, 'industry')
if __name__ == "__main__":
print get_current_info(sys.argv[1:])
# print get_news_feed('yhoo')
except QueryError, err:
print err