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No deamon.DaemonContext() on windows. #42

Foxboron opened this Issue Dec 12, 2012 · 6 comments

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So, i have been working on extending selfspy for windows after getting asked by ljos. However, the Daemon module is only working on UNIX, so this might be a big hole in the whole windows implementation.

Not sure if there is other ways to get around this.

gurgeh commented Dec 12, 2012

Nice that someone looks at Windows! It seems that a service is the way to go:

I assume pywin32 is needed for the actual keyboard sniffing anyway? The daemon module is used only very sparingly, so factoring out that part should be easy enough. We could import a different daemon/service module depending on platform.system().


Currently using Pyhooks. Works much better then messing with pywin32 really.
I got some stuff going on so won't have time doing any daemon coding on this before the weekend, but i believe the logging on windows itself is done, but can't test it.

robintw commented Jan 11, 2013

How is this going? I'm very keen to get selfspy working on Windows and am happy to help out.

ljos commented Jan 11, 2013

OK. So I was just talking to @Foxboron, what I discovered is that we don't actually use the daemon code anymore. I think I removed the start of the daemon when I was doing the os x port and never turned it on again. It seems to me that we can just remove the daemon code and it will still function as it did before.

gurgeh commented Jan 11, 2013

It is now removed, so at least one thing less to worry about.


Yeah, it runs now! But i get no entries in the database D: So more debugging.

@gurgeh gurgeh closed this Apr 18, 2013
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