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    forked from moses-smt/mosesdecoder

    Moses, the machine translation system

    Updated Jun 22, 2015

    Swift 0 22


    forked from Kamaros/ELDeveloperKeyboard

    An iOS custom keyboard extension written in Swift designed to make it much, much easier to type code on an iOS device.

    Updated May 25, 2015

    JavaScript 0 424


    forked from priologic/easyrtc

    EasyRTC is a bundle of Open Source WebRTC joy! Our Javascript API hides the differences between Chrome and Firefox browsers and simplifies coding needed for working WebRTC apps. Signalling server using built on node.js. Tons of free code so you can build WebRTC apps in a few hours that just work. Demos include Instant messaging, Multip…

    Updated May 11, 2015


    Updated May 8, 2015

    Objective-C 0 18


    forked from acoomans/ACKeyboard

    ACKeyboard is a keyboard extension for iOS that mimics the system keyboard, except it has only one 'letter' key: "yo".

    Updated Nov 3, 2014

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