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A demo of Persona

Mozilla Persona is a distributed authentication system for the web that lets users sign on using their existing email address without per-site usernames and passwords. It's open, free, will become a standard, and is rigorously supported by the non-profit organziation that strives to make the web better for the humans that use it.

This repository contains a demonstration of persona written in HTML and node.js.

running locally

  1. install git, node and redis
  2. get a local copy of the repository: git clone
  3. cd 123done
  4. install dependencies: npm install
  5. run the server: npm start
  6. visit it in your browser:
  7. hack and reload! (web resources don't require a server restart)

deploying to a hosted environment

123done is all set up to deploy quickly and painlessly on amazon EC2 via awsbox.

While full documentation for awsbox is contained within that project, Here is a sample command line that might work for you:

node_modules/.bin/awsbox create \
    -u \
    --ssl disable \
    -n 123done \
    -t m1.small \
    --keydir $HOME/.persona_secrets/pubkeys/ 

What do these arguments do?

  • -u specifies the public URL of the instance
  • --ssl set to disable removes SSL support from the VM
  • -n 123done sets 123done as a human visible nickname for the VM
  • -t m1.small specifies a cheap VM that has enough oomph to run the service under load (like from automated tests running)
  • (optional) --keydir specifies a directory where all of the public keys of your colleages reside, so they can administer the VM while you're on vacation.