Silver stripe widget for displaying custom twitter widgets
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Silver stripe widget for displaying custom twitter widgets

Install instructions

Add it to your project with:

composer require gdmedia/silverstripe-widget-twitter-widgets
Run /dev/build

Setup instructions

  1. Create a "User Widget" on Twitter.
    Head over to the Create a user widget page on twitter and create your widget. Copy the HTML located above the "Copy and paste the code into the HTML of your site" (Which appears after saving your widget)
  2. Create a new "Twitter Widgets Widget" in your site admin
  3. Paste the HTML copied from Step 1 in to the "Twitter HTML" field
  4. You don't need to worry about the "Href" or "Twitter Widget ID" field as the widget will automagically pull them out of the "Twitter HTML". However, you could leave "Twitter HTML" empty and fill in the "Href" and "Twitter Widget ID" manually
  • Please note that "Href" and "Twitter Widget ID" will always be overwritten from values that the widget discovers in "Twitter HTML".