Silverstripe Template syntax highlighting for Netbeans!
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SilverStripe Templates for NetBeans

SilverStripe Template syntax highlighting for NetBeans! For current version information see

Based on the work found in Twig-netbeans

This is a very very early start! Basic syntax highlighting is complete.

Pull requests welcome and encouraged!


Installing from package

  1. Get the latest SSTemplates-X.X.X.nbm package from "Releases".
  2. In NetBeans open Tools -> Plugins, select Downloaded tab.
  3. Click "Add plugins" and select the file you've downloaded.
  4. Select the checkbox next to the "SilverStripe Templates for NetBeans" plugin and click "Install".
  5. Confirm the certificate if required
  6. Restart the IDE when demanded and enjoy your new plugin.

Installing from source

  1. Clone the git repository.
  2. Start a new NetBeans project, choose NetBeans module as project type.
  3. Setup your project.
  4. Right-click on project name and choose Create NBM.
  5. Install the NBM file as described in "Installing from package".

For more information refer yourself to:


SilverStripe Templates for NetBeans