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seems to fix python import issue

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1 parent aa53a6e commit 4bbb1cf01a8ac35a989bc2468fd0ccd384dede45 @guruofquality committed
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@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@ class array_like:
#re-create the blob data functions, but yield a numpy array instead
def pmt_blob_data(blob):
- return __pointer_to_ndarray(extras_swig.pmt_blob_rw_data(blob), extras_swig.pmt_blob_length(blob))
+ return __pointer_to_ndarray(extras_swig.pmt_blob_rw_data(blob), pmt.pmt_blob_length(blob))
#re-create mgr acquire by calling into python GIL-safe version
class pmt_mgr:

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