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a Raspberry Pi weather station
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A Raspberry Pi weather station and air quality monitor.

This is the code for the project located at

Currently it is split into, as well as multiple input and multiple output plugins. collects data from each of the input plugins specified in sensors.cfg, and then passes the data provided by them to each output defined in outputs.cfg. The code for each sensor plugin is contained in the 'sensors' folder and the code for each output plugin in the 'outputs' folder.

Some of the files are based off code for the Raspberry Pi written by Adafruit:

For installation instructions, see


This development branch of the AirPi code adds several features and bugfixes that I've developed as part of my AirPi project.

New features:

  • Support for UVI-01 sensor
  • Can disable LEDs
  • Raingauge support
  • Support for TGS-2600 Air Quality sensor
  • CSV logging
  • Built in HTTP server to display results nicely
  • Sensor calibration, not just raw values


  • Pressure sensor calibration (jaceydowell)
  • Could not change mslp setting in pressure sensor
  • Don't just ignore failed readings (record 0 instead)
  • High CPU usage
  • Hopefully fixed an issue with readings hanging on DHT22
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