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So, with this release I started rewriting the whole set of tools from scratch, and changed the plans for the tool too. I decided that I would much prefer having tools that can be automated than user friendly ones (got some requests for this too) and seeing how some other apps do a better job than me at being user friendly, I thought of changing my vision. So let's start with the changelog:

The decrypter has been completely rewritten to properly handle errors and to support more types, since now it depends on identify iso and rebuild iso.
RenameISO has been once again rewritten, it now supports ServerV, better handling of unstaged isos (it can even list the target skus :P) and it also has support for multiple setups in a single iso.

I think I missed some things too, if you need any help with some of the tools just do /? -full.

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Added proper support for ppipro.
This is a convenience update since I'm in the middle or reworking/refactoring a lot of things to hopefully make the tool better in the future. Probably the last release on Github but you'll see why I'm saying that in the future, already said too much :P

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Updated the tool with the new 14366 crypto key, this is a minor update, thanks again to @tfwboredom for the updated esddecrypt, it should also give some better performance overall when decrypting an esd

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And here we go, the June preview is here :)


  • Updated esddecrypt for 14361 esds (thanks @tfwboredom)
  • New ISORebuilder, still WIP works with win10 only atm
  • Some bug fixes
  • Proper handling of OEM/VOL/RET setups
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Here's the first preview of the month!

What's new?

  • New (preview) cli version, with the improved combining features of the gui, x86 and x64 support, and improved filename generation algorithm.
  • Added a new progress bar to the gui for the expanding setup files phase.
  • Changed the branding from "BETA" to "MARCH PREVIEW"
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent the launch of the old esd decrypter cli.
  • Fixed a bug that could make an iso with "ESD-ISO" as the label if you combined Pro and Core in the correct order.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the display of 2 progress bars in the gui
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So here is the January beta, I know, that's a very late January beta but whatever :)



  • Proper file name support
  • Proper label support
  • Bug fixes
  • ESDs should be backed up before converting too
  • ESDDecrypter cli should now correctly work without any permission errors

Proper error handling still needs to be done, but progress is being made.

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What's changed?

This update should bring performance improvements over the last one during WIM Applying phases. Also includes some re-ordering and cleaning all around :)